OMG, you guys! Bookmans had the HUGE privilege of speaking with the fantastic author and illustrator Gene Luen Yang this week. We cannot express how much this interview has been a tremendous boon for Bookmans. We had TWO Bookmans marketing team members talk to Mr. Yang because they were both dying to speak to the author of the new book Dragon Hoops, some kick-ass Avatar books, American Born Chinese, and many more outstanding stories, as well as DC and Marvel stories.

James and Kay (Bookmans East and Midtown, respectively), sat down for a video call with Gene Yang to talk about his life of storytelling, his process, his interests, and more!

If you missed Gene Yang’s Tucson Festival of Books panels, check them out here! You’re undoubtedly looking for Gene Yang’s books, and you can find them at Bookmans stores. We cannot thank Mr. Yang enough for his time and hope that you enjoy our interview with this outstanding author.

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