Our “Spotlight On Sound” series is a live bi-monthly music series started in 2015 by Bookmans Mesa. It’s original conception was to showcase local Music talent from around the East Valley area. On November 18th at 6:30pm we will be celebrating our one year anniversary with an extraordinary R&B musician. Mr. Michael Elijah.


Michael was born in Muskegon Heights, Michigan (the great city of friendly people). Muskegon Heights is located in Southwest Michigan on Lake Michigan. Some of his favorite memories include the feel of sand between his toes as he would dive into the cool waters of Lake Michigan. He was born into a musical family where his dad would gather his brothers and him around and they would enjoy all of the Motown hits, especially the Temptations. The Temptation’s were his father’s favorite group.

Later in life, he joined groups such as the Continental Five, Blackmail, Inc., and the Clever Gentlemen. They had a knack for dazzling audiences with their highly choreographed dance steps and smooth light harmonies. They also recorded hit songs such as “Love Like Yours” and “Not a Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.”

After a while, Michael chose to pursue a solo career. He picked up keyboard and learned to play. Since then he has been playing at various venues around the valley. His musical sound is a combination of all of his influences, including Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Rock, Country, and music from the 50’s through the 80’s. He is proud of his ability to appeal to a broad range of musical tastes. It is because of that appeal that his audiences have never left unsatisfied! This is an event not to be missed. Feel free to check out Michael on his Facebook Page.

Michael will play his magical music for us on November 18th at 6:30pm at Bookman’s Mesa – be there or be square.

If you are interested in joining our successful Music series and bring the sounds in store, please feel to contact us at mesaevents@bookmans.com.