Summertime is coming to a close, but Bookmans Summer Kids Events are in full effect. Check out what we did last week and catch the final weeks of fun and fabulous events. For the full schedule, visit our Events Calendar. Let’s celebrate summer all around Arizona!

Summer Kids 2014

Bookmans Flagstaff
Families in Flagstaff found out how to make a variety of animals including bugs and dinosaurs using paper plates and basic recycled craft supplies. Celebrating animals has never been so creative! Take a look at the Flickr page for more of the fun.

Bookmans Mesa
Summertime means air conditioning on full blast, which sometimes leads to something all Arizonans have experienced at one time or another — the summer overload power outage. Mesa experienced a blackout last week that caused the store to close for the day. But good news! The Great Arizona Puppet Theater will return to Mesa on July 30 to present their rollicking and rambunctious original show. A monkey, a pirate and a valuable banana treasure all add up to plenty of hilarious fun for the whole family.

Bookmans Phoenix
Kids in Phoenix discovered the science in their favorite fairy tales! The Phoenix Public Library joined us for a fun and interactive afternoon featuring Story Science Lab stations including Jack’s Magic Beans, Cinderella Races the Clock and Rumpelstiltskin Rocks! See all the fun moments on our Flickr page.

Bookmans Speedway, Bookmans Grant and Bookmans Ina
Giving back to the community can be a lot of fun! This week, Tucson Bookmans locations partnered with Ben’s Bells, a local organization dedicated to kindness. Families painted tiles and bell parts to help spread kindness throughout Tucson. Author Marianne Marts lead kids in a pledge against bullying. She also read her book, Joey’s Ups with Downs, to remind kids to be kind. For all of the photos, visit our Flickr page!