Bookmans Speedway is full of crafty customers. You might be one! If you are talented with your hands, creative and daring, let us know, we are looking for your special skills. Bookmans Speedway has a full to bursting crafting department with books, guides, how-tos and supplies. We love to support the artist in everyone and everyone has the ability to create something amazing and truly unique. Sometimes we need help getting started or a hand learning a specific technique. One doesn’t need to be solo to tap into creativity. Social crafting is catching on. What better way to meet interesting people than at an event where others share your interests?

Speedway Crafts

That’s where our crafty customers come in. If you have a crafting skill, are a patient teacher and LOVE Bookmans, let us know! Bookmans Speedway is starting a crafty revolution and you can be on the front lines. (Bookmans customers are true originals with a bit of a rebellious streak.) Bookmans Speedway is starting Social Crafting Classes. We are interested in folks who know how to knit, crochet, make jewelry, bead, decoupage, draw, sculpt or reuse, repurpose and recycle. If you have a great idea and wish to share it, contact Dani at We can set up a meeting to discuss your skills and how your expertise can be passed along. If all indicators are “go”, you might become part of the Crafty Customer Club at Bookmans Speedway.

We need supplies to host our Social Crafting events, so if you have a box of crafting supplies sitting lonely in your studio, bring them in. Bookmans Speedway buys gently used crafting supplies — everything from paints and brushes to yarn and beads. Get some trade credit and join the fun. Artists, watch for our Social Crafting Classes on the Events Calendar. Don’t be shy, sitting home alone with your box of yarn. Be one of our true originals, a real Crafty Customer at Bookmans Speedway.