August is Movie Madness at Bookmans! Thus, we have some foreign film recommendations for you. As everyone knows, Tucson has been alternately hot and stormy so we thought we would combine these two elements to give you a chance to get out of the heat and head on down to your local Bookmans, movie reviews in hand, to pick out some cool flicks to help you beat the heat.

Tucson doesn’t provide many opportunities to enjoy foreign films. We have the Loft Theater, which we love, but that is about it for full theater foreign film options. Here at Bookmans your foreign film choices are much greater, and they are on your schedule. If you are looking for something a little different and would like to learn more about international cinema, here are some of our picks to get you started. A degree in film studies is not required. Just grab a bowl of popcorn, kick your Movie Madness in high gear and have a look at one of our recommended films.

Movie Madness

Our first featured film is the 1969 Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Love is Colder than Death. The film did not receive immediate critical acclaim and was originally overlooked by the 1969 Berlin Film Festival. The plot follows a small-time pimp and criminal named Franz who is befriended by a criminal recruit, Bruno. Franz not only refuses Bruno’s bullying attempts to make him part of a criminal organization but winds up convincing Bruno to partner with him. Franz’s girlfriend Joanna, a local prostitute, is less than pleased with the arrangements and decides to intervene on their upcoming bank robbery. Despite it’s initial reception the film is now know as an excellent example of Fassbinder’s early nouvelle vague style.

Next we recommend  Sylvain Chomet’s The Triplets of Beleville. This remarkable animated, mostly silent film is fully of stunningly evocative imagery. With amazing subtly, the characters are full developed in this tragi-comic feature. The work opens with a small orphaned boy, Champion, who is being raised by his dotting but equally lost grandmother. In an attempt to cheer up this down-cast boy, Grandma tries several diversion gambits. The young boy is uninterested in music, reading and only temporarily entertained by the puppy she brings him. Grandma finally succeeds in capturing the boy’s attention when she brings home a tricycle. Champion is immediately captivated and begins what will become his life long obsession. We don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but things get exciting and the visual imagery intensifies the action. One of the most brilliant parts of this film is it’s wide appeal. The animation holds the interest of young children, and children relate as the main character is quite young. The film keeps audience attention with simple, yet powerful visual elements and action. The Triplets of Beleville is deceptively slow but hypnotic.

Some more Movie Madness recommendations include Krzysztof Kieslowski’s film Bleu staring Juliette Binoche. This French mystery was highly acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. For some more fun, try another French film, That Man from Rio by director Philippe de Broca staring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Ursula Andress. This madcap take on James Bond will leave you breathless with laughter.

If you are unfamiliar with foreign films, now is the perfect time to explore the genre. All of our Bookmans locations have well stocked foreign film sections and our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect one to start with. Remember you can purchase all our merchandise with our famous Trade Credit, so bring in your gently used films, music, books, games and more to make your purchases today.