Bookmans has full-blown movie madness, an affliction we happily abide. From comedy to drama, cult classics to fantasy, sci-fi to all seven of the Fast and Furious properties, we go nuts for cinema. Our music buyers happily and repeatedly stock DVDs of fave films such as Eternal Sunshine and Big Hero 6. It’s no wonder that when asked to name their all time movie favorites, they stall. How do you begin to pick a favorite? After much badgering and adding the caveat “at this moment”, a few prized buyers at Bookmans Flagstaff narrowed their list of influential films and give valid and completely serious reasoning.

Catch Movie Madness

Sara, The Fountain (2006)
Sara enjoys the theme of accepting things beyond your control.

Donovan, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)
Young Donovan dreamed desperately of becoming a master puppeteer growing up and is amazed by a few of the puppet scenes in this Wes Anderson classic.

Alex, Welcome to Me (2015)
Alex’s explains his current fave this way, “Kristen Wig is my spirit animal.”

Robert, 28 Days Later (2002)
“Cilian Murphy’s cheek bones and piercing baby blues,” says Robert. We agree! That man is like scary pretty.

Current Movie Favorites at Bookmans Flagstaff

There you have it, four films that we politely recommend you watch. Ask next week and we’ll have a whole new list. Bookmans carries a wide variety of DVDs, Blu-rays and even retro-tastic VHS tapes. Stop in and check out the employee recommends shelf to see what Bookmans team members are currently digging.

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