Bookmans is committed to animal welfare all year long but in July we celebrate the Dog Days of Summer by focusing on our furry, feathered, slinky, scaly friends. All of the Bookmans locations have a wide variety of merchandise to make your pets the healthiest and happiest they can be. Here we take a look at some of the different ways Bookmans can help you with your special pet.

As always, well behaved pets on leashes are welcome in our store, and we see our customer’s canine companions most frequently. Dogs (and all pets!) enrich our lives in a multitude of ways. Endless studies have proven that pets lower blood pressure, reduce stress and many therapy dogs are highly trained to assist humans in a variety of medical, emotional and practical ways. We think that these faithful companions deserve the best from us in return. Bookmans can help you show your gratitude by being the best human you can be for your doggy friends.

Dog Days of Summer


Bookmans Speedway recently had a Dog Days of Summer event hosted by Pet Reiki, with Andra. Andra is a licensed Reiki practitioner who has refined her skills to include animals. Dogs experience stress and muscle tension like any other being, so why not learn about Doga, Yoga for Dogs by Jennifer Brilliant and William Berloni. Pet owners who already practice yoga can often attest to the fact that their dogs love to join the fun. Why not include them in your stretches with moves like downward facing dog, chair, triangle pose or the any of the warriors? Doga teaches humans to warm up their dogs with opening chants, breathing awareness and victorious breath. This guide introduces us to Dog Yogi Masters; the Dogi’s, and includes Dogi wisdom for each move. Some of the Dogi’s suggest such tips as “Do not allow outward disturbances (‘do I hear the mailman’) or private worries (‘are we going to the vet today?’) to distract you. Let it all go.” Much wisdom and mutual enlightenment can be achieved with Doga, as Brilliant and Berloni advise “You can learn a lot from a Dogi.”

Dog Days of Summer gets us thinking about everything fido loves, from yoga to their favorite treats, and food is another one of our favorite topic for our canine friends. Titles like Becoming the Chef Your Dog Thinks You Are by Micki and Yogi Voisard and Short Tails and Treats from Three Dog Bakery by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff are full of ways to reward your doggy and show your love. Micki Voisard is a veterinarian who fully understands the importance of a quality diet in order to maintain health. Three Dog Bakery can take you one step further with fun and easy recipes that will have your Fido jumping for joy.

If you have a specific breed, Bookmans can help you narrow down care for your particular dog’s needs, especially during the hot desert summers, and there’s no better time like Dog Days of Summer to learn all you can. Dummies Guides such as Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies by Lee Livingood provides scaled down, no-nonsense breed specific tips for your four-footed friend. Grooming and housing are the focus of titles like Groom Your Dog Like a Professional by Peter Young and Barkitecture by Fred Albert. Both works include step by step visual guides to get your doggy clean and healthy and ensconsed in a first class dog house.

Dog books are often featured on the New York Times Bestseller lists like Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz and Bad Dogs Have More Fun by John Grogan. Horowitz  is a cognitive scientist who tackles the questions of what dogs see, smell and know – and how they see the world and think. If you have ever wondered why your buddy feels she must chase a bicycle or how it feels to use her mouth as hands – this work will delight you with surprising and humorous answers. Bad Dogs... is a collection of newspaper articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer that also gives a unique look at the world from 2 feet off the ground.

Books are far from the only items available to dogs and their favorite roommates. Grab one of our many canine-centric movies like Marmaduke, Air Buddy, Turner and Hooch or the classic Lassie. Bookmans carries many magazines to get you up to date on the latest doggy news from publications like Dog Fancy, National Geographic Kids and Courageous Canines. Decorate both your houses with cute salt and pepper shakers, iconic sitting dog statues, paintings and prints for you, and even smart looking food and water dishes, leash hooks, and bed mats for them.

From the humorous to the technical and everything in between Bookmans can get you and your furry friend on the road to health, happiness, bliss, and a full stomach. Just remember, Summers are hot in Arizona so don’t leave your doggies in the car and if you can’t walk barefoot on the sidewalks, neither can they. Have a great summer and don’t forget to stop by your neighborhood Bookmans for a free cookie today!!