Who is this?

Dragonball Z character
Who is this fool? Why is he so angry? Where do I buy that dope jumpsuit?
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Why is his hair yellow now?

Dragonball Z character
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What's happening here? Wheres hair and makeup? What happen to your shirt, sir?

Are there Dragons in Dragon Ball Z?

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cool cool cool. How many?

Dragonheart movie image of gold dragon flapping its wings near a man on a brown horse in a field of gold grass
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Dragon Ball Z picks up how long after Dragon Ball?

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Goku , a member of the Seiyan race is sent to earth as a baby to help take over the planet for the Seiyans, he soon suffers a brain injury that erases his memory. Without knowledge of his prior mission he looses his bloodthirsty nature, Goku grows up gets married, fights some bad guys, rescues his son, eats some food and goes Super Seiyan 50 or something. So.... How does Goku hit his head?

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All it takes is a bump on the head. πŸ™„

Okay. But who's this dude with the face tattoo?

Dragonball Z character
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How many forms does Goku do? Take on? Embark?

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How many hair colors does this dude have?

What is the highest power level ever officially stated?

Dragonball Z characters saying "stop being stupid," "you're stupid," and that's stupid"
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I really feel like they just add numbers and hair colors and call it plot.

How many Dragon Ball properties are there?

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Do You Know More About Dragon Ball Z Than Caity? The Answer is Always YES!
Congrats you know stuff.

Dragonball Z character falling and another character not catching them

Wow. You know some names, maybe a character or four. We're all very impressed. Please don't ever ask me to talk about this show ever again. I'm exhausted.
Power Level 500,000 or whatever.

Dragonball Z character meme "Deal with It"

Applause! Applause!!! You've probably been watching this show since you were a kid. You play the games and watch the movies and even read a manga. Congrats you and my little brother would get along so well. Just don't ask me to hang out.
You are the super duperest Seiyan there ever was!

Dragonball Z characters drawing gif

You are literally an expert! Which is saying a lot because I tried to read the wiki pages and have been banging my head against my desk for the past hour. This show is so confusing! Like literally WHAT is going on? How many power levels are there? If they go up so much and so frequently what is even the point? And what is up with their hair? How does hair color correlate with Seiyen power levels? And what for the love of god do Dragon Balls have to do with any of it?!?!?!?!
Let's be friends.

Dragonball Z character gif

Want to fall into a ravine, bump our heads and forget all about dragons and their balls.