It’s July in the East Valley. We all know what that means – over 100+ temperatures. With such extreme heat, we are always looking for new and exciting things to do inside. No better time to finally do the things you’ve been meaning to do, especially the kinds of things that you are just inexplicably driven to try. Recently, I came across a Sophia Chia, the Chia Pet shaped like Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls. I never forgot the Chia Pet’s catchy jingle. Although I always had a curiosity about them, I had never really gone out of my way to actually get one. That, dear readers, was about to change. Sophia chia, here I come.

Picture it: Mesa, Arizona. My Kitchen. I arrive home with my new Bookmans purchase. I open the box and remove the contents which consist of a plastic tray, a package of chia seeds, and the Sophia-shaped planter.  After admiring the beauty that is this planter, (It really does look like her), I begin my new green thumb adventure. I had so much fun making this, I wanted to share some tips I found along the way.

Step 1:

This is an important step. You want to begin by soaking your chia planter in water for half an hour. This both hydrates the planter and gets it ready for the seeds.

Step 2:

In a separate container, mix two teaspoons of chia seeds with 1⁄4 cup water. Stir the mixture occasionally for half an hour to form a gel-like paste which will help the Chia seeds adhere to your Chia Planter. Exact measuring is important as you need the right consistency. After about 30 minutes you will notice the gel has started becoming thicker and a bit of a grayish color.

Doesn’t it look like Sophia is wearing a shower cap? This bust is too perfect.

Step 3: 

Once your seed mixture is ready, it’s time to remove your planter from the water. Empty all excess water from your planter and place planter in the drip tray provided. I found it helpful to turn the planter upside down and shake the water out a couple of times.

Step 4:

Begin spreading the chia seed mixture evenly over the grooved surfaces of your planter, using a small knife, a spoon, or, your fingers. I honestly found using my fingers worked the best. Depending on the surface of your planter, you may not use all of the seed mixture so don’t fret if you have some leftover. When you are finished, place planter back in its tray and set in sunlight. DO NOT water your planter for the first two days as you need to let the seeds adhere to the planter so they won’t slide off. NOTE: For the first two days, the chia seeds may start looking a little dry… they will start to sprout once you add water.

(New) Pro tip:

For the first two days, I used a mist spray bottle to just lightly moisten the seeds.

Step 5:

After letting the seeds adhere to your planter for 48 hours, fill your chia planter completely with water. Place your planter back in its drip tray. Fill and water your chia pet daily. Once you add water to your chia planter, the dry seeds will become moist and begin the germination process. Now is the time to sit back and patiently enjoy a piece of cheesecake. Chia growth should start happening within 5-7 days. Keep it watered and keep it in sunlight.

Sophia is really growing on that one side!

Step 6:

When your chia reaches the point it appears overgrown or unkempt, it is just time to remove the old growth. Chia planters should be washed and are able to be replanted indefinitely with a purchase of more chia seeds.

My Sophia is looking good! She’s the new favorite item in the house. We can’t help but admire her. If only she would quip for us.

Now that you are a planting pro, check out your favorite Bookmans location for ideas on planting and helping the Earth. Ask any staff member and they can offer suggestions or help point you in the direction of your next Go Green project. We have a variety of books, videos, how-tos, and more to help you break that summer boredom. Bookmans definitely has cool covered. Oh, and we often have those Sophia Chias in stock too!