The time is here once again for a new year and new resolutions. The normal ones like better health habits and saving more money for a rainy day are common. But how about this year we focus more on expanding our minds? Below are a few recommended resolutions for 2020 if you want to promise yourself something new. Let’s make some resolutions we actually want to keep!

Join a Club

Do you like writing or reading? What about dance, music, or art? If you feel like you want to connect with other people with similar interests as yours, we recommend joining a club. Be it for recreational reasons or self-improvement, being in a book/dance/art/whatever club can lead you to happiness and make new friends.

clubs resolution

Try/Learn Something New

Like the suggestion above, trying or learning something new (or even picking up an old hobby) can lead to happiness and new friendships. Take that gourmet cooking class you’ve always wanted to take. Learn how to ride a horse. Try your hand at playing an exotic musical instrument. You might find something you enjoy more than you thought you would.

Travel More Often (or for the first time!)

Believe it or not, there are A LOT of people in your boat if this speaks to you. Some either don’t travel much or have never traveled to another (fun) place at all! Be it someplace in your home state or around the globe, take a chance at getting some travel time into this year. Take a road trip to the Grand Canyon. Renting an RV and doing some cross-country traveling is an adventure you’ll never forget. Why not jump on a plane that takes you on that Eurotrip you’ve always wanted to take? Taking in some new sites just might be what you need!

travel resolutions

Spend More Time with Family, Friends, or BOTH!

Make this year the one where you catch up with family and friends. Our work and daily schedules can be overwhelming. We get it. Though we don’t mean to, we forget to set some time aside for our loved ones. This resolution just might be one way to lead to the next resolution.

Find Ways to Relax

With the busy lifestyles and constant on-the-run routines, stress levels for many can be dangerously high. Want to relax? Spend time with friends or family at your favorite restaurant or a movie. Want some alone time? Try out some yoga or find a quiet place to breathe. Trust us, making a resolution to set aside some time can help the stress in our daily lives go down.

Do Something for YOU!

Want that new purse? Treat yo self. Want to go see your favorite band’s concert? Treat yo self. Want a new pet? Treat yo self. Go ahead and get it; you deserve it! Most people tend to forget that they deserve to spend some of their hard-earn money on themselves. Remember that you should be happy as well as everyone else.

And that’s our list! If you need any suggestions that lead to any of these resolutions, come check out your local Bookmans. We have many books on the topics mentioned above, as well as other items and events that can help lead you to your resolution(s). Happy New Year everyone and enjoy the new decade!

Written by Sky D. (Bookmans Enthusiast and Customer Service Extraordinaire)