Friends, it’s rant time. Prepare yourselves. We love all forms of entertainment and pride ourselves on our acceptance of all genres. We geek out on the regular. That being said, is anyone else tired of the reboot? More films than we care to enumerate re-imagine an ’80s or ’90s classic. Being a millennial, this event liaison likes going down memory lane as much as the next nerd but, c’mon, do we really need to relive every cartoon or TV show once loved in adolescence, not to mention the countless sequels to movies made over a decade ago? Wouldn’t it be cooler to see films that are completely new and fresh to us? Sure there are a few gems like Jurassic World and the all-female Ghostbusters, but do we need another Fantastic Four?

Reboots Cause a Different Kind of Movie Madness

You may or may not have noticed the countless reboots rumored to be hitting the big screen. Allow us to introduce you to a few. We split them into three categories to help you understand the copious amount of heartache experienced at the hands of Hollywood.

You crush my inner child under your big giant feet.
Flight of The Navigator
The Never Ending Story – It ended, get over it!

Movies that should stay in the ’80s.
Big Trouble in Little China
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Weird Science
Honey I Shrunk The Kids
Overboard – Lets leave any Goldie Hawn or Kurt Russell films alone, shall we?

And finally…

For the love of all that is good, do not touch these films.
Mrs. Doubtfire
Just don’t go there. Anything Robin Williams related is off limits for now.

More than half of these rumored reboots will not get the green light. For example, interest in the Flight of the Navigator remake has quelled. Still, considering the copious number of reboots in the making we’ll still see plenty. Who knows, we might be wrong. Maybe the films that do get made will change cinematic history. A reboot and/or sequel might be what the movie-going audience needs. If Mad Max: Fury Road taught us anything, it is that 1) Furiosa is the ultimate bad ass and 2) reboots can tell a fresh and exciting story.

What do you guys think? Are we overreacting? Does the idea of anyone touching Waterworld infuriate you with a thousand vials of Westeros wildfire? Tell us in the comments below or on social. Stop in to your local Bookmans to catch #MovieMadness.