Hello 2021, a fresh start to the new year and a new you! What better way to start the year than with your favorite Bookmans drink while you have fun doing your shopping? Need I remind you Bookmans in Flagstaff is the ONLY STORE to house our very own cafe so we’re not lying when we say it’s a must-have! We have a wide selection of drinks from cold brews to your hot foams, smoothies, teas, and even homemade breads, cookies, and muffins.

Trust me, you’ve never known love until Lynda has made you one of her dirty chai’s. The entire menu is obnoxiously delicious but to make things easier on you here’s a list of our top 5 favorite customer drinks.

1) Mexican Mocha (hot or cold)

This mix of cocoa beans and creamy cinnamon will make your tastebuds want to dance to cumbias. Perfect holiday drink, whether it’s hot or cold.

2) Chai Latte (hot or cold)

A classic and personal favorite! The chai lattes both spicy and dirty were god sent. I’d recommend hot with cinnamony foam, especially during the winter season.

3) Strawberry Mango Smoothie

Yes, you read that correctly! We serve smoothies; however, these are not your ordinary blended fruits in a cup. Each smoothie is prepared with fresh fruit and cold milk or juice creating the perfect flavor-filled blend. It’s actually like you’re drinking fruit.

4) Desert Blossom Iced Tea

We have a wide tea selection from blacks to greens, herbals, and decaf. All delicious but desert blossom tea is always the way to go! “We tried getting rid of it and customers were not having it! People come in and order this drink every day.” – Lynda (Cafe Manager)

5) Cold Brew Coffee

Last but not least it’s a classic and secretly everyone’s guilty pleasure, a nice cold brew. These brews are enriched with flavor. Some would say they are a bit strong but then again, these drinks are not for the weak!

Do you agree with our list, let us know what you think? Be sure to show your cafe recipes to your cashier upon checking out to get 10% off your purchase and any store credit regardless of which Bookmans it’s from can be used at the cafe! So next time you make a trip to Bookmans, treat yourself to the cafe and let your taste buds go on an adventure!

You should also check out the cafe’s art gallery. Each month a new local artist here in Flagstaff can use the gallery to display their pieces. This past display featured pieces from our very own general manager Micheil Salmons. So, stop by to check out and support all the neat work from our local artists! 100% of the proceeds go straight to that artist. Visit @Bookmansflagcafe on Instagram for the latest specials and updates!

Pinkies up!