We think family time is so important that every Bookmans store offers product lines and free events to enrich the time families to spend with each other. Whether your family is into playing board games, going on nature hikes or cooking together in the kitchen, come to Bookmans when you need inspiration for that bonding time. One easy way to relate as a family is watching movies together. We carry a large volume of movies that can be used to strengthen the relationship you have with anybody in your life. Inspired by this, some of our folks at Bookmans Ina came up with their picks for the top family movies of all time.


Frank: The Labyrinth
The storyline of the Labyrinth has an awesome moral. I also love the mix of live action and puppeteering displayed throughout the movie.

Rachel: Batteries Not Included
I love the sci-fi flare of the movie. It inspires hope and finding the goodness within all people.

Sarah: The Princess Bride
“A tale of true love and high adventure, pirates, princesses, giants, miracles, fencing, and a frightening assortment of wild beasts.” That quote from the movies explains it all.

Mary: The Goonies
For me, The Goonies is all about discovering what is most important in your life. There are many superficial items that cloud what is truly significant in our lives. Friends and family are the things we should always be able to count on.

Jamie: Secondhand Lions
It is a great movie and moves quickly. It has an intriguing mystery storyline that keeps the audience engrossed. Also, lions.

Sita: The Lion King
No matter what situations in life occur, your family will always have your back. Even if you discover that your family might happen to include a rambunctious meer cat and warthog, you can get through anything with their assistance.

Kyle: Kiki’s Delivery Service
This movie is about artists being blocked by society. That is something I can relate deeply to in my own life.

Kati: Homeward Bound
This is the first movie I can remember watching with my mom and grandma. We cried, and cried, and cried. I will always remember bonding over this film.

Robert: 101 Dalmatians
I love this movie first off, because dogs are cool. It also instills how you should treat animals, which is important for kids to learn at a young age.

There are plenty of great family movies that promote bonding with those you love. Many instill important life lessons that can act as an important reminder to those who need it. What movies do you watch with your families? What important lessons have you learned from your families favorite film?

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