Have you wondered what it is like to be as close to paradise as humanly possible? If you haven’t been in our stores lately, now is the time to come back. Whether you are a collector, birthday shopping or doing some early holiday shopping, we have you covered. Let us tell you about what you can find in our Geeking Out corner at Bookmans Mesa!



If you are a comic collector, we have a large selection of DC, Marvel and Independent. Our stock ranges from newer titles to vintage collectibles. Need an original copy of the Walking Dead #1? We have that! Looking for Golden Age? Looking for Silver Age? You will find treasures from these eras as well. If you are not a collector, but want to read comics without breaking the bank, we still have an abundance of our famous “fifty cent” comics as well. These comics are also useful in projects such as scrapbooking and gift wrapping (we dive into Etsy and Pinterest just like you do).


Superheroes! Star Wars! Imaginext! Legos! Currently, Bookmans Mesa carries a large assortment of Star Wars figurines and play sets. We have everything your favorite Wookie, Jedi, Princess or Ewok would love. Beyond Star Wars, we have Barbies of all kinds: Holiday Barbies, Career Barbies, Barbie and her Rockers, Sugar Plum Barbies, and more. This golden-haired plastic princess is not only multi-careered, she is also perfect for every occasion and sure to delight (we wouldn’t hate on the person who put a “Cher” Barbie under our tree this year — hint, hint).

Transformers a.k.a. “robots in disguise,” and Marvel and/or DC Comic toys also adorn our Geeking Out corner. If you are missing that one figure from a set, we also have a large collection of loose figures too. Who knew Batman came in so many different colors and costumes? YOU did. We’ve also seen a few variations of the new Wonder Woman too, but we’re reserving that for an opinion piece to be published later (#spoiler).


Need some art to complete your collection? We have that too! You will find an ever-revolving assortment of posters and pop culture-related art to brighten even the most drab fortress of solitude. The featured subjects range from video games to comics, concerts and music to television and movies. The posters come packaged flat with plastic and a cardboard backing. If you plan on taking it home and having it framed, we would be happy to suggest a matte color for you as they are that awesome. You’re welcome. ?

Our Geeking Out corner is only one small portion of our store. We have a little bit of something for everyone and you truly never know what you will find. Did you know we sell musical instruments?

We still have all the things you love about us — an incredible assortment of video games, both current and vintage consoles (Pong is like old school Grand Theft Auto), the most amazing Electronic gadgets, computer parts, books, graphic novels, movies, music, board games, puzzles, a whole aisle of CRAFTS, rubber stamps and beautiful jewelry. Plus we have an enormous collection for children and teens. For those want to geek out over Bookmans, we carry our exclusive B.O.B. line of apparel, totes and beverage containers.

If you haven’t been to Bookmans Mesa in a while, you definitely need to come and check us out. We cant guarantee stock as it changes every day, but please feel free to stop in or call ahead with any inquiries.