Something magical happened in downtown Phoenix last weekend. Extra-terrestrials crowded local restaurants, superheroes convened in pubs and the streets ran blue with walking 1960s-style London police call boxes. Upon first impression, this phenomenon appeared to be some kind of invasion of unworldly creatures who love to party. That description is not entirely inaccurate. Families, couples, young adults, grown adults and high school students converged en masse to geek out at the “Signature Pop-Culture Event of the Southwest” known as Phoenix Comicon. Phoenix Comicon is a wonderland of expression, creativity, community and obscure-yet-clever references. Bookmans was in the the center of Phoenix Comicon 2014 splendor.

PCC 2014 Bookmans Booth

The Bookmans booth at Phoenix Comicon was a gathering place for one and all. We saw the best costumes, from babies to grown-ups and everyone in between. Our prize wheel had a steady line from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day; we had to stop early to make sure everyone got a spin before closing time. Our photo booth was fun and our retro gaming theme was a hit. We met great folks who were happy to take home a unique photo in our free “Geeking Out” magnetic frame. PCC attendance was estimated at over 70,000 guests — a 20,000 increase over 2013. It’s exciting to see Phoenix come to life in such a dynamic way and we look forward to what next year brings.

Experiencing PCC was like moving to a small pop-up city or attending a large geeky day camp. Everyone who’s anyone from Albuquerque to Los Angeles has a role in this mammoth convention. Check out all the fun on our Flickr account. Here’s to the geeks and the geeks at heart; may we live long and prosper.