The people of Bookmans never shy away from our passions. We also understand why you are excited by your favorite things. Geeking out with you over our shared fandoms is not just what we do, it’s part of who we are. Many of us choose to forever commit our allegiance to the things we love by inking them on our skin. Today we cover, or rather UNcover, some of the tat geeks at Bookmans Speedway. Their fandom tattoos represent characters from movies, comics, animation or video games. We wear them proudly and so should you!

Geeking Out with Fandom Tattoos: Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants

Tattoo artists spend a great deal of time on continuing education. When Cam’s lady sought to develop new tattoo techniques, Cam became her willing volunteer. He chose Patrick for a leg tattoo because Spongebob Square Pants is his favorite childhood cartoon. A permanent affirmation of this seminal influence seemed like the right thing to do. Also, Cam always wished he could live in a pineapple under the sea. Don’t we all? Cam followed his Patrick tat with a Krabby Patty one.

Mosby wears a tattoo of the Crest of the House of Malik, which is a symbol of hope of the Star Wars Rebel Alliance. Mosby is Red Squadron for life and feels this is the perfect metaphor for his outlook on life.

Geeking Out with Fandom Tattoos: Star Wars Crest of the House of Malik

Magic loves Sailor Moon so he had Sailor Saturn tattooed on this leg. He has always loved themes of female empowerment. Magic says, “Sailor Saturn is the most powerful, able to decimate a planet with a single wave of her Silence Glave.” This is an apt analogy for Magic himself, which is why he fits so well in our Electronics Department.

Music Department Supervisor Sergio has slightly more obscure tats. He has glyphs from Werewolf Apocalypse on his forearms. Sergio is a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan. When he began to phase out of active participation, he began playing Werewolf Apocalypse and was hooked. The glyphs are his favorite designs from the game. On his left forearm is the glyph of Honor and on the right is Spiral Dancers.

There are lots of ways to geek out over a fandom and all are welcome at Bookmans. Hit up one of our free events to share our mutual enthusiasm for geeking out.