Do you love books? We sure do, and we want to reward you for your love of reading. This summer brings us two celebrations of reading: Paperback Book Day and Book Lovers Day!

These two days are your chance to enter to win a $100 Bookmans gift card from your local Bookmans store!

2023’s Paperback Book Day is July 30, and it is the first day that you can enter to win something amazing from Bookmans. Buy any paperback book on Paperback Book Day and you will get a raffle entry. Want to double your chances to win? Come back to Bookmans on August 9 for Book Lovers Day and you can get another raffle entry when you buy any book at all during your visit.

The more you shop, the more raffle entries you’ll get, so get your reading on and you can be one of six Bookmans gift card winners!

Six winners will be chosen on Saturday, August 12!

Entry details:

  • One entry per person, per visit. Multiple entries may be submitted but must be entered during separate store visits.
  • Qualifying purchases must include the purchase of at least one (1) paperback book* on July 30, 2023, or at least one (1) book* purchase on August 9, 2023.
  • Raffle entry forms must be completed and submitted at the time of purchase. Delayed entries will not be accepted.
  • All raffle entry forms must be completed in full to be considered for the drawing.
  • Bookmans reserves the right to alter or change contest rules at our discretion.
  • Bookmans reserves the right to disqualify any entries at our discretion insofar as we believe the form does not meet the standards for entry.
  • Six (6) winners, one winner per store, will be chosen on Saturday, August 12, 2023. Winners will be contacted via email provided on the entry form. “Winners” have three days to respond to their email notification. On Tuesday, August 15, 2023, any non-respondent winners will forego their prize and Bookmans will choose another winner. No prizes will be awarded to “winners” who do not respond to the email notification within the stated time frame. No exceptions.

* A “paperback book” is defined as a softcover book, traditionally a pocket-sized paperback book. Hardcover books, comic books, manga, graphic novels, journals, and other non-traditional “paperback books” will not count toward the qualifying purchase to gain a raffle entry.

*A “book” is defined as a hardcover or softcover book including graphic novels. However, comic books, journals, and other non-traditional “books” will not count toward the qualifying purchase to gain a raffle entry.