It’s holiday gift go-time! If you’re like us, you probably have a lot of cool, smart, quirky and intriguing friends. These folks are a blast to hang out with. They’re full of stimulating conversation and quick with a witty quip. But with great uncommonality comes great gift responsibility. It’s not always easy to find the perfect present for our most fascinating pals, much less our Best Friends Forever. Bookmans is here to help! We understand all those with varied interests and a lust for life. Take a look at the following BFF gift guide and then stop by your local Bookmans to peruse our selection. You’re sure to find the most unique treasures in town.


The Type A

We all have this friend, the one that makes it a little easier to keep on schedule or figure out how much to tip at our favorite fancy restaurant. The structure-oriented Type A friend is an essential part of any squad. We recommend one of our brand new 2017 wall calendars with cheeky themes ranging from adorable animals to the cosmic entity, Cthulhu. A Bookmans exclusive, we carry hand-made journals from old book covers. These one-of-a-kind gems are a perfect present for the friend who already used up the pages in their 2016 journals. Pair with pens and bookmarks for a smashingly organized care package.

The Entertainer

Have you seen our Cooking & Recipe section? It’s a wonderland of gastronomy from around the world. Pick up a few eclectic cookbooks and cocktail guides for that friend who always hosts the best parties. Don’t stop there, throw in an interactive board game, playing cards and a holiday album (on vinyl, CD or cassette) for a complete set of party favors.

The Bookworm

This probably goes without saying, but Bookmans is a great place to find all things literary. Roam our orange shelves for hard-to-find non-fiction titles, classic novels and historical fiction. Check out our “Hot Titles” section for all the latest reads. We even have audiobooks for those booklover friends on the go. When you’ve selected a bevy of books for your bibliophile friend, add a Bookmans Original Brand tote bag and mug for good measure.

The Creative Mind

Bookmans is the destination for artists, crafters and creative virtuosos of all kinds. Peruse our arts & crafts section for helpful crafting guides, fun rubber stamps, stencils and other rad artistic flourishes. Check out our selection of adult coloring books – great for awakening artistic genius and relieving stress. Our Fine Art book section is a smorgasbord of beautiful publications. Discover ancient through modern art, photography, architecture, sculpture and more. Find a unique combination of imaginative gifts for your most aesthetically-minded friend.

The Musician

Bookmans’ Musical Instrument Section is a veritable trove of anything a musician could imagine. From ukuleles to guitars to harmonicas to musical accoutrements, we have a little of everything. Surprise your musician friend this holiday with that coveted effects pedal, an authentic djembe or a vintage-style microphone. Don’t forget to add a Bookmans brand guitar pick. For the most hard-to-shop-for musical friends, include a Bookmans Gift Card so that they can do a little shopping of their own.

Happy shopping to you this holiday season! Make Bookmans your one stop and your best friends will thank you. In addition to amazing products, Bookmans hosts free and fun events for all ages. Check out our Events Calendar to see what’s going on at your local Bookmans store. May the #JollyDays never cease.