We know how important finding the right instrument is. When you are trying to create a signature sound coming close won’t do. It has to be just right. Whether it is a germanium fuzz pedal or a Native American flute, that perfect instrument is out there and we want to help you find it. That is why when we buy, sell and trade musical instruments and accessories we make variety a priority. From folk band to school band to rock band, come in and browse our offerings.

Folk/Bluegrass/World Instruments

Live acoustic and folk music represents the collective voice of the common man. The tradition of passing along songs is shared across all cultures and is at the heart of the way we maintain culture through storytelling. While some have elevated the genre to highly stylized and polished performance and recordings, we feel that you should pick up any of these instruments and play the music in your heart.
* Accordions and Concertinas
* Autoharps
* Banjos
* Cajon
* Dulcimers
* Hand Percussion
* Harmonicas
* Harmoniums
* Harps
* Kalimbas
* Mandolins
* Sitars
* Ukuleles
* Xylophones and Marimbas
* Zithers
* Classical Guitars (1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 size)

Band and Orchestra

Early involvement in music has a positive impact on all areas of life, including self-discipline, coordination, and personal expression. If you are looking for the right instrument for your child, we carry many instruments that are played in the schools.
* Violins (various sizes), Violas, Cellos, and other stringed instruments
* Flutes, Clarinets (Regular or E-flat), Oboes, Saxophones, and Other Woodwinds
* Trumpets, Tubas, Trombones, and other brass instruments
* Percussion Instruments

Rock Band

Screw the man and form your own band!
* Acoustic Guitars (six, ten and twelve-string)
* Electric Guitars
* Bass Guitars
* Drum Kits/Parts (including Electronic)
* Keyboards

Musical Instrument Accessories

Now you have the instrument but what about those final components to make it complete? Not to worry, we also carry accessories.
* Pedals
* Guitar Strings
* Guitar Pics
* Mixing and Recording Equipment
* Microphones
* Chords
* Cases
* DJ Equipment
* Tuners
* Drum Sticks (all types)
* Stands
* Dampers
* Sheet Music

Our musical instrument sections are an ever-expanding haven for musicians. Give us a call and we will check stock to see if we have what you’re looking for. Don’t stop at musical instruments. Bookmans also carries movies, video games and hardware, comics, magazines, housewares and, of course, books! If you want to discover something new, ask us for a recommendation.

If you are ready to trade in an instrument from your personal collection, bring it in and one of our instrument aficionados will see if it is something we need. Stop by any of our six locations in Arizona and prepare to be amazed. Bookmans is a Buy, Sell, Trade store. You can bring in your old and gently used books, CDs, DVDs, instruments and housewares to receive Bookmans trade credit or cash. Come in see all that Bookmans has to offer from our wide range of reading material to our cult movie section to our rad staff and their sparkling personalities.

* Bookmans cannot guarantee stock. If there is a particular instrument you are looking for give your local Bookmans a call and a staff member will be happy to assist you.