Fact: 90% of the people who make New Year’s resolutions loathe them. Of the 100% of those people try to succeed, only .05% actually stick to their resolutions beyond the third week of January. Also, a fact: 100% of that statement was written by an individual whose New Year’s resolution is to stop making up realistic-sounding-yet-entirely-false statistics in hopes of impressing her very smart and bookish co-workers.

Want to avoid being one of the many who proclaims they will lose weight only to be eating Taco Bell inside a Whole Foods parking lot a whole two weeks later? Boy, do we have the solution for you! These utterly foolproof resolutions will have you entering 2019 on a high note.

Join a Book Club

We know. This one gets said a lot and hardly happens BUT guess what? Bookmans has, like, a dozen Book Clubs across the state (see my earlier notes on making up numbers). And members get a discount on club reads and a great time at every meeting. Plus there are free snacks. So really, you have no excuse not to join.

Manage Your Food and Money!

Looking to budget better and eat better too? A great way to limit your frivolous foodie spending is to only eat out on payday. That’s twice a month you can Treat Yo Self (see below) to lunch outside the office or dinner at your fave restaurant. Everything else needs to come from home. It seems difficult but trust me, once you start it’s super easy and then its something to look forward to. Ask a friend to come along and enjoy a new restaurant together. Plus it’ll give you the opportunity to learn new recipes. Check out Bookmans’ cookbook section for some culinary inspiration.

Treat Yo Self!

Take the new year as an opportunity to shower the most important person in your like in lavish goods and services. Or just make a point of setting a day every week where you do something just for you. Like watching a movie, reading a book, or learning an instrument. Don’t settle on what particular skill or interest but instead just schedule some you time and see what you’re interested in the day-of. Maybe one week you’ll give yourself a manicure but the next week you’ll go skydiving! Doesn’t matter as long as it’s what YOU want to do.

Engage with Your Community

Nothing will make you feel better going into 2019 like volunteering in your community. Check out your local animal shelter and get involved with an organization you admire. You’ll not only feel great but you’ll be helping make your community a better place for everyone. Everything from helping a local charity redesign their website for free or stuffing envelopes for a donation drive will make you feel amazing!

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to inspire change or self-improvement but don’t stress. you get to decide what that means and it’s always better to start small and adjust as you go. Happy New Year!