Bookmans Speedway customers have discovered our new Geek Zone with its Geek-a-rific wonderland of action figures, role playing games, graphic novels and comic books, but we didn’t stop there. We recently expanded the comic books, refining the department. Marvel and DC comics have been separated for easier shopping and a special Star Wars section has been created. Star Wars is hotter than ever and we love it too! That is why we gave our customers the chance to browse specifically for Star Wars comics and collectibles.

Star Wars Comics

This new subsection in our Geek Zone for Star Wars is also an opportunity for you to bring in your collection in part or whole for cash or trade. If you have a special place in your heart for the Star Wars saga, we hope this is a real treat for you! In addition to our expanding selection of bargain comics, we have been buying highly collectable comics still reasonably priced.

One of our current treasures are our copies of Guardians of the Galaxy 0.1 and #1. These titles are the basis for Marvel’s most popular films to date. Bookmans Speedway also has Flash comics. These issues are the inspiration for the new WB series featuring the title character. We also received a full collection of Dr. Strange comics, which are slated to become a Netflix exclusive series. Bookmans Speedway has the comics and collectibles you need to get your geek on, so stop by our Geek Zone as soon as possible.