School’s out, summer is here and it’s darn hot out there — but not at your local Bookmans. We love learning new things, we have only one season and it’s called awesome, and we keep the air nice and cool. We have done this long enough that we know how to create a place for you to relax, have fun and hang out. We call it your Third Place. Most folks have their home (First Place), work and/or school (Second Place) and a Third Place where they go to relax and have fun. That’s us!

Third Place

You might be surprised to learn how much we think about making your Third Place special. Did you know we have free wifi, that your pets are always welcome (on leashes), that we have electric car charging stations, a laptop bar and other places where you can plug in your devices, and a seemingly endless schedule of events and activities for everyone?

Over the summers, we step up our events calendar. We have our Summer Kids Event schedule, a new and fun event each week for your kids (of all ages) to enjoy. This schedule includes events like a Harry Potter Party, No Strings Attached Puppet Theater, Frozen 2 movie day and an instrument petting zoo with the Civic Orchestra of Tucson and more. We also maintain our regular events like Pokemon clubs, game nights, live music, local authors, crafting and animal rescues.

Then there is the Stuff — the wonderful, never-ending list of lust-worthy items to keep everyone in your family busy all summer long. This includes video games, movies, music, board games, toys, crafting books and supplies, RPGs, comics, graphic novels and all those amazing engrossing potentially life changing books! We don’t discriminate with our selection of books. Never say there’s nothing for you. Ask us. We will help you find your next favorite book. We love recommending books!

Don’t spend this summer hot and bored. Your Third Place is THE place for fun, friends, entertainment, community and learning. Plus our chairs are comfy.