06 Dec

Hilarious Holiday Movies

‘Tis the season is already here! Holidays should be a time of family, friends, parties, presents, and eggnog. Of course, holiday movies belong on that must-have-to-truly-feel-like-the-holidays list. If your holiday spirit is waning and you can use severe amounts laughter, trust this little list of our favorite funny holiday movies to put you in the holiday spirit! Grab the cookies and the eggnog and get ready for this hilarious holiday movie kick-off. 

01 Dec

Month Of Merriment At Bookmans!

December is finally here and with it, Bookmans’ Month of Merriment begins! Not only are we the one stop shop for everyone on your holiday list but we also have a calendar full of awesome events taking place in our stores. From visits with St. Nick to holiday puppet shows and musical performances, ’tis the season for awesome events at Bookmans stores.

Bookmans Month of Merriment holiday image featuring ornaments, pinecones, snowflakes, stars, and holiday leaves and berries

29 Nov

4 Very Good Reasons to Trade at Bookmans

It is not uncommon for people new to Bookmans to have a “wow” experience when they come through the door. Who wouldn’t with all the incredible items the local community stocks our stores with? Way more than shelves jam-packed with books of all kinds, Bookmans trade includes vinyl records, musical instruments, movies, video games, home goods, collectibles, and gift items. Since you never know what you’re going to find, every visit is like a treasure hunt.

The only thing that makes scouring shelf after orange shelf all the more enjoyable is having a Bookmans trade slip in your pocket. What is it about that little yellow trade slip that makes shopping so much more exciting?  

books, Batman comic book, and Bookmans trade slip on wooden desktop

25 Nov

Bookmans Recommends Holiday Cookbooks for Vegans!

‘Tis the season to eat literally all the food. And, you know, spending time with family… but also FOOD! Here at Bookmans we love books, so much so that the word book is right there in the name. But we also love cooking, and what better way to stretch our culinary muscles than by opting for a vegan recipe or two? For some, a vegan diet is a necessity. For others, it’s a way to stay healthy. No matter how or why you go vegan, throwing in a few vegan dishes throughout the week provides adds diversity to everyday cooking. Whatever the reason you are eating vegan, Bookmans has a plethora of colorful vegan cookbooks and culinary how to’s sure to impress this holiday season.

24 Nov

Freebie Fridays: Win a Gift Card to “Mango’s Mexican Cafe” In Mesa

As part of our belief that it pays to shop local, each and every Friday this November Bookmans Mesa hosts our annual Freebie Fridays. This series showcases different local businesses every week. It’s also your chance to experience parts of the East Valley that deserve a broader audience and show some #LocalLove. As a community, we find not only is it about local business, but it’s about you too! Our last week we travel to Old Town Mesa to Mango’s Mexican Cafe.

21 Nov

Cook Your Way Through the Holidays

The holidays are just around the bend, and you can see signs of it everywhere. As one of the most heartfelt times of the year, it is important to have a battalion of great cooking and baking ideas ready for those last-minute party invitations. Luckily, Bookmans is here to save the day with our gigantic array of cookbooks! Here are five cookbooks to cook your way through this holiday season.

17 Nov

Freebie Fridays: Win a Gift Card to “Rocket A Go-Go” in Tempe


As part of our belief that it pays to shop local, each and every Friday this November Bookmans Mesa hosts our annual Freebie Fridays. This series showcases different local businesses every week. It’s also your chance to experience parts of the East Valley that deserve a broader audience and show some #LocalLove. As a community, we find not only is it about local business, but it’s about you too! This week we travel to Tempe to “Rocket A Go-Go

16 Nov

Bookmans Recommends Fave Local Eateries

November is all about shopping local, and Tucson makes it so easy to be impressed by local offerings! Every year, we highlight some of our fave places to get our grub on, shop, and chill in our communities. Tucson is full of AMAZING places to dine. After all, we are the first UNESCO-designated City of Gastronomy. From tamales to epic sandwiches to Sonoran hot dogs, we’ve got hands-down some of the best food around. That’s why we simply had to devote an entire post to some of our favorite places to dine in Tucson.

08 Nov

Farewell, Vox Machina: Critical Role Season Finale

After 3 years on the air (and 2 years off-air), the Critical Role campaign of Vox Machina has finally come to a dramatic close as the intrepid adventurers face off against Vecna, a powerful lich who became a god. For fans of Critical Role that have followed Vox Machina’s journey, this ending is bittersweet. Over the months and years, we have come to love the characters of Vox Machina and share in their highs and lows, loves and loses, and look forward every week to be enthralled in how a completely improvised story can truly capture our hearts.

07 Nov

Five Great Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Hey there! You probably clicked on this post because YOU are an animal lover! Well we can tell you one thing – you are in good company! Bookmans has a ginormous animal welfare family! From golden retrievers to greyhounds, we support all animal lovers! ‪November 5th through November 11th‬ is National Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week! In celebration, here are five great reasons to adopt a pet. (Cue the Sarah McLachlin song… )

05 Nov

Bookmans $500 Shopping Spree Giveaway Rules


27 Oct

We Owe It All to You, Tucson!

Each year, an intrepid team at the Tucson Weekly embarks on a mission to get Tucsonans to show some love for their city. How do Tucsonans display their affections? They cast their votes for Best of Tucson® awards! It is with so much excitement and true gratitude that Bookmans announces that we were voted Best in three different categories for Best of Tucson® 2017! And we owe it all to you, Tucson!

Bookmans won your vote for Best Bookstore, Best Storytime, and Best Video Game Store in Tucson!

27 Oct

Freebie Friday: Win Passes to Thor: Ragnarok 3D

**CONTEST CLOSED**October is Frightful Fall at Bookmans and what better way to celebrate than with a bone-chilling superhero/action hero movie?  We are giving away FOUR passes to the 3D screening of Thor: Ragnarok on October 30th at 7 P.M. at Harkins Arizona Mills IMAX!

23 Oct

Write Your Own Novel in 30 Days with NaNoWriMo 2017

Gird your loins! The 18th Annual NaNoWriMo writing marathon is upon us. For those unacquainted, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and it is an annual writing marathon runs throughout the month of November. Whether you are a seasoned amateur or someone who hasn’t written a sentence longer than a tweet, NaNoWriMo encourages anyone and everyone who loves to write to participate. The goal of NaNoWriMo is to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days beginning at 12:00 a.m. on November 1 and ending at 11:59 p.m. on November 30.


Not sure how to prepare to tackle a challenge like this? The book No Plot? No Problem!: A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days is a good place to start. NaNoWriMo creator Chris Baty wrote the book to motivate NaNoWriMo participants and other writers to stop stressing and get writing. The official NaNoWriMo website Nanowrimo.org also has tons of resources to inspire authors new and old to write.

Here are a few basic tips to help you reach your word goal:

Get ahead on your word count during the first week
Writing 50,000 words in 30 days may seem like an impossible feat, but when you break it down it averages to about 1,667 words a day or 2-3 hours of writing each day. Combat this by starting early and strong and to get ahead of your daily word count during the first week while your enthusiasm is high. It will help make up for falling behind in the third or fourth week which will inevitably happen as your ardor to write starts to wane.

Attend or host writing meet-ups
Having other writers around you helps keep your own creative momentum going, and other writers can give you suggestions and ideas for settings, names, and even plot points if you find yourself feeling stuck. They can also provide what every writer wants – feedback!

There are “official” local NaNoWriMo meet-ups organized by Municipal Liaisons (ML) which are posted in the local forums on Nanowrimo.org. You can also challenge friends to try Nano with you and write in a group of your own creation.

Don’t edit
It’s very important that you don’t waste precious marathon writing hours editing. This is going to be extremely hard for some of you writers. There will be plenty of time after the marathon is over to fix things. The point of NaNoWriMo is to get to 50,000 words, not necessarily 50,000 well-written words. The quality doesn’t matter; you’re just trying to get down as much of the story as possible in 30 days.

Accept that your story is going to be, well, crap
Your NaNoWriMo story is probably going to be lacking whether you’re a professional or an amateur – but that doesn’t mean you should give up doing it. Like any marathon, the reasons we push ourselves past the finish line has less to do with finishing first than it does with finishing at all. NaNoWriMo is no different. The goal is to challenge yourself to finish, not to create a polished novel in 30 days. If you finish the marathon and decide you like your story, you’ll have plenty of time to edit it after. For now, JUST WRITE!

Ready to get started? Sign up at Nanowrimo.org to track your word count as you go, see how well your fellow writers and friends are doing, submit your completed novel for word count verification, and browse the forums to see what events your local ML’s have cooked up to help you get to 50,000 words!


By C’loni Bailey, (Bookmans Enthusiast and Cosplay Connoisseur)


17 Aug

Bookmans Recommends | Dunkirk at The Loft Cinema

August is Movie Madness month at all six Bookmans stores! And while we are enjoying awesome free events and activities highlighting cinema, we also wanted to take a moment and talk about one of our favorite places to hang and enjoy a film or three! The Loft Cinema in Tucson has been around for generations and just so happens to be a Bookmans bestie. We have a long standing relationship with this Tucson cultural hot spot. When the opportunity presented itself to see this theater after their recent remodel and enjoy Christopher Nolan’s latest feat Dunkirk in 70 MM, of course we hopped to it. Check out my thoughts on Nolan’s latest film and why you should definitely see it at The Loft.

Dunkirk in theaters Summer 2017.

03 Jul

Bookmans Recommends | Rant by Chuck Palahniuk

Rant, the 8th novel by renowned author Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club, Choke) is an oral biography of the life of Buster “Rant” Casey.  As the book opens, we are informed that Buster Casey is now deceased. Friends and family recount the times they spent with Rant and their memories of him. The editor organizes these interviews chronologically, starting with his childhood in rural small town America leading up to his adult life in the big city.  


First Edition Cover

Though I suppose most of Palahniuk’s novels contain “sci-fi elements,” I’d say that at it’s core, Rant is a true sci-fi novel.  Due to the nature of the book and it’s oral biography format, many details about the world are taken for granted by the interviewees and aren’t immediately divulged to the reader.  Because of this, Rant appears to be a relatively mundane tale at first, but as the novel progresses, a better picture of the world that the characters inhabit starts to come into focus.  It’s hard to go into detail about this without including spoilers, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Something made immediately obvious to the reader is that Rant Casey is a polarizing individual.  He was either loved or hated. Very few folks who crossed his path are apathetic. Casey is being accused of mass murder, being hailed as one of the most deadly serial killers of all time.  The book attempts to further investigate these claims by interviewing those who knew and were close to Buster Casey during the various stages of his life.  Many propose Casey’s innocence, while others swear on his guilt.  Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between?

Rant and Palahniuk’s other works can be found on the shelves of the general fiction section at any of our locations.  If you’ve previously read and enjoyed Palahniuk, then you’re sure to love this one as well.  If you’re new to his works then Rant is a great place to start!

28 Jun

Bookmans Recommends | Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a simulation game that is set in the post-apocalyptic universe of the Fallout series. Created by Bethesda Game Studios, the same developers responsible for the award-winning Fallout 4, Fallout Shelter allows players to do something that they have never been able to in the Fallout games: manage their own vault.

 Fallout Shelter

27 Jun

Unpacking Kendrick Lamar’s Album “DAMN”

Kendrick Lamar has without a doubt been one of the best storytellers in the rap industry. His newly released album “DAMN.”, tells emotional stories about character, honor, society, politics, culture and religion. With fourteen tracks and a 55 minute run-time, this is one to listen to a few times to wrap your mind around Lamar’s lyrics. The majority of the album is simple but gets real heavy at times. Let’s be honest, we can’t really expect anything less from Kendrick. With that being said, here are some of my favorites as I continue to unpack this album. Trust me this wasn’t easy!

Kendrick Lamar

This track features the one and only Rihanna, I’m sure this one will be a part of the summer hype soundtrack of 2017. It’s definitely a lot more relaxed than his other tracks and it’s dope to hear Rihanna and Lamar work together from bar to bar.

11. XXX.
Kendrick goes in speaking his mind on politics and social issues. This might be the most important track on the album. I was a little unsure of what to expect with a collaboration with U2. I have to say it was far from disappointing! Kendrick easily coasts through many different sounds.

12. FEAR.
This is the longest track on the album and probably one I would say I personally relate to the most. This track deals with anxiety. insecurities, and how it all ties in with life. He talks about how his struggles and most of all his fears that changed from childhood to teen years and up through his 20’s. He says that some kind of fear always continues to follow us, sharing his struggle of getting rid of  fear or whatever it was that was causing it. Getting towards the end of the track he says, “I wonder if I’m living through fear or living through rap.” Strong statement Kendrick.

For Kendricks’s older albums, we suggest coming by Bookmans today. His older work is just as monumental and is the basis for the love that we have for new releases. For more on his current work and a sneak peak into his new musical release visit his website here.

19 Jun

5 Forever Favorite 90’s TV Shows

Where are all my 90’s kids at? It was a decade that gave us some of the raddest video games in history(in my opinion). It was a decade that brought us the struggle of renting a VHS tape that the person before you didn’t rewind. If you remember that then chances are there are probably pictures of you in a bright neon wardrobe inside an old photo album, hopefully buried away at your parent’s house. Don’t worry, we don’t have to get into all that. Let’s focus on the good and dig into some of the great 90’s TV shows that you still remember watching today. There was the pop culture Bel-Air family, the daily adventures of being a rugrat, and the yellow cartoon family who is perhaps the most popular family in the world. The best way to re-cap these great shows is to watch them again. So with a little help, here are a few of my favorites from our 90’s childhood!

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

90's TV

12 Jun

Now Hiring | Musical Electronic Repair in Tucson

***THE POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO APPLIED*** Bookmans is hiring for our Musical Instrument Repair Shop based in Tucson! We are in need of an experienced Musical Electronics Repair Technician and we think it may be you! Join our amazing team at the Bookmans Instrument Repair Shop based out of the Bookmans Resource Center. You can get a full description of the job below then apply online today!


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