‘Tis the season of giving! The holidays can be a rough time for everyone. With shopping, family gatherings, traveling, and the festivities, things can get a little crazy out there. So let’s stop for a second and think about what we can do to give back. With the right amount of care and kindness, it is so easy to turn a stranger’s day around.

From simply smiling at a stranger to letting someone with a smaller purchase than yours go ahead of you in line at the grocery store, here are 50 creative ways to be kind this holiday season (and earn some kindness karma in return):

  1. Hold the door open for the person behind you
  2. Help serve food at a homeless shelter
  3. Donate old clothing you never wear to a local charity
  4. Support local businesses while shopping for gifts
  5. Buy coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru
  6. Smile at strangers walking by on the street
  7. Make small talk with your cashiers
  8. Write a positive YELP review about a local business you enjoy
  9. Compliment a stranger
  10. Offer to help carry an elderly person’s groceries in or out of their car
  11. Leave a penny on the ground for kids to find (heads up, of course)
  12. Buy food for someone who needs it
  13. Give positive feedback to a coworker who seems to be stressed out
  14. Use extra quarters for nearly expired parking meters
  15. If you have a little bit of trade credit left over, give it to the person behind you in the checkout line at Bookmans
  16. Tip waiters and waitresses a little bit more than usual
  17. Send a friend or family member a positive text
  18. Give out free hugs
  19. Leave paper in a book or coat pocket at a department store with a compliment written on it
  20. Give up your seat on the bus for someone who needs it more
  21. Pick up AWOL trash
  22. Pet a pooch walking by and compliment its owner
  23. Make room for bicyclists on the road
  24. Tip a street musician
  25. Give an old coat to someone in need
  26. Thank a cop
  27. Offer to walk the neighbor’s dog
  28. Donate blood
  29. Tell a funny joke to a stranger
  30. Thank the cooks after you’ve eaten a meal at your favorite restaurant
  31. Bake cookies or brownies and share them with coworkers, friends, or family
  32. Share your passions with a friend like a favorite book, game, or recipe
  33. Offer to take a picture for a big group of people
  34. Support holiday events like Winterhaven
  35. Thank a Santa. They work harder than you think!
  36. If you find a lost item (car keys, a wallet, etc.), find the closest Lost and Found or track down the owner
  37. Be forgiving
  38. Tell someone they made a difference in your life
  39. Lend an ear to someone in need
  40. Say, “Thank you,” and “Please”
  41. Encourage a child for a job well done
  42. Give up complaining for the rest of the year
  43. Help a stray cat or dog find their owner
  44. Don’t be a Grinch
  45. Offer to help a stranger having car problems
  46. Be patient while driving
  47. Invite a friend having a hard time out for a night of fun
  48. Lend your phone charger to someone in need
  49. Give away coupons you won’t be using
  50. “The best way to spread holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear”

Hopefully, this massive list gave you a little inspiration and got you in the holiday mood! Bookmans knows how important it is to support local and spread kindness. Let’s fill this holiday season with joy!