You can’t imagine how much jewelry Bookmans sells. It’s crazy! Folks are astounded when they notice our high-end cases or our full to overflowing jewelry spinners.  You can find just about anything you want here. Bookmans sells jewelry and we sell a lot of it!
Technically we sell everything as costume, because we don’t do any testing on the pieces that come into our stores. We can guarantee our buyers know their stones and metals, so we sell quite a bit of high-end stock. The best part of purchasing your bling from Bookmans is that you aren’t going to run into your home girl at the club, just to see her rocking matching rocks. You are selecting pieces from all time periods, styles, designers (yes I said designers) and price ranges. This means you can score Brighton, David Yurman, Tiffany, or maybe even Pandora.
You also don’t have to limit yourself to one look because we take it all. Are you feeling Bohemian today? Check out our beaded necklaces with amethyst, garnet, jade or amber done with sterling wire wrap or leather. How about an ultra trendy Native choker for the summer vibe? We have lots of Native American turquoise, sterling, copper and works in a variety of tribal styles. Find Zuni inlay earrings and bracelets or Navajo green turquoise cuffs and rings. How about a Kokopelli pendant or a story teller pin? If your tastes are more traditional, we have everything from modern geometric styles to classic or vintage feel pieces. Speaking of vintage, we are your hook up. Mix your look with a winning combo of vintage and Steampunk to accessorize your outfit. Bookmans loves to support our local talent too. If you are a crafty customer, bring your latest works in and get some cash. We sell lots of work from local artists like Weegonza Boutique.
We also include the gentleman into the mix, giving them their very own case to peruse with chunky gold or silver chains, designer shades, lighters, rings and wallets. Sometimes finely dressed fellas like to sport the rougher look, so we carry spiked cuffs, eagle rings and an assortment of earrings, rings and ear cuffs.
Other than having every imaginable style and price range to choose from, one of the best perks of getting your goods from Bookmans is that you can use your trade credit for your purchase. Don’t spend hard earned cash on your treasures. Use that cash to go out on the town in the new gear you get at Bookmans. Our trade credit never expires, so you can hold out for that perfect item you have in mind. Trust us when we say that everything eventually makes its way to Bookmans. So get your bling and hit the clubs in style because, YES, Bookmans sells jewelry and lots of it!