We might be late to the game when it comes to acknowledging The Internet‘s musical genius. The group released two studio albums (Purple Naked Ladies in 2011 and Feel Good in 2013) before Ego Death (2015), when they commanded our attention. A mix of funk, soul, R and B and hip-hop, The Internet is everything you want from an Odd Future group. Syd tha Kyd, the main vocalist, lulls us in and out of heartache and elation with the slightest vocal movement. If you never pay attention to song lyrics, the sound of her voice still captures you in a molasses drip of slow head bobbing and hip swaying–a blanket of warmth and feel good music.

the internet ego death

When you play a Hip-Hop/R and B song for your mother and she approves, you know you stumbled upon something good. The bass lines, the subtle drumming and the hypnotic magic of Syd’s voice has my mother dancing and crying within minutes. That doesn’t happen with any old group! The first song of the album, Get Away, resonates for anyone with romantic heartache or the desire to get out of Dodge with a significant other. Syd’s queer content adds significance to her lyrics and vocals. We couldn’t be more stoked to hear a radical woman fronting this group. While Syd isn’t the first to storm the hip-hop industry with girl-on-girl action, she makes it relatable.

This 12-track album doesn’t leave room for wandering thoughts. If we aren’t crying our eyes out to Just Saying/I Tried, then we’re grooving along to Go With It. Though we focus here on the vocal component of Ego Death, the instrumentals of the album are worth listening to on their own. There isn’t a bad song on the album. Our only concern with The Internet is when will the next album come out?! If you haven’t taken a listen to The Internet, now is the time!

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