With the thousands of fantasy titles on our shelves, it’s hard to find one that’s so thoroughly original it makes us want to never put it down while simultaneously making us want to stop reading so the story never has to end. The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is one such title. Not a single Bookmans employee has read this captivating and haunting fantasy tale without shrieking in ecstasy when it comes across our counter. The Name of The Wind is the first in the the King Killer Chronicles trilogy with a first person narrator, Kvothe, retelling the tale of his upbringing as a traveling trouper and his delve into the world of magic. With elements of lore, legend and history there’s not a dull moment.

Bookmans Recommends: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

If you love fantasy, it’s safe to assume you love magic. If so, you won’t find the practice explored any better than in this book. This isn’t a tale of wands and hocus pocus. This is a story of raw, organic magic that comes from the Earth and within the self. Rothfuss’s words make magic seem like a very real and very tangible element that we could face in our own mundane world. His unique perspective on magic and the elements make his story profoundly unique. Comparing this The Name of the Wind to Harry Potter wouldn’t be fair, however, if you loved Hogwarts and the setting of a school of magic you’ll love The University Kvothe enters as he discovers the secret to the Arcanum. With quirky teachers, rivals and friendships to make the heart sing, it’s everything you loved about Harry Potter with a very dark and adult spin.

The lore in this story gives Tolkien a run for his money. It feels as if you’re reading a history book or a book of folk tales. Rothfuss weaves enchanting creatures and legend into the story so well you find yourself believing the dark forces of The Chandrian are real and coming for you. Even if you don’t believe in evil that goes bump in the night you’ll soon start to look over your shoulder or turn on the light when you go into a dark room. It’s a masterpiece of imaginative proportions.

Don’t let the size of The Name of The Wind intimidate you. After the first chapter you crave more than the available pages. You will pine for more. This Bookmans Recommends won’t reveal anything about the plot but we promise a special reading experience. Follow the trying times of the most compelling and relatable characters to hit the literary floor. When you finish The Name of The Wind and find your life has become empty, there’s hope, dear reader! Two more books follow the first.

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