You don’t need to take a film history class to become a film buff. Bookmans carries the best, weirdest and hard-to-find titles to round out your film education. Come find a movie that you can’t believe existed, learn about the classics or plan a fun film night with friends enjoying super camp. Bookmans has a large DVD/Blu-ray/VHS selection, including rare and hard-to-get titles. Movie savvy people in Tucson, Flagstaff, Phoenix and Mesa bring us the best in cinema and our knowledgeable staff knows which titles are hot for those looking into rare, cult and camp cinema.

Rare, Cult and Camp Cinema

We often see titles from the Janus Films Presents series such as their Essential Art House collection. Start with classic director Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru, which follows lead Kanji Watanabe in his last months of life. This dark, yet hopeful film is one of Kurosawa’s best.

You read the book in school and it’s time to see the Essential Art House film, Lord of the Flies, directed by Peter Brooks. This is a richly imagined version of the classic tale of a group of ship wrecked boys as they navigate life and their own baser natures without adult supervision.

Another critically acclaimed film from Arthouse Films is A Walk in the Sea, a Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory film directed by Ester B. Robinson. This once-in-a-lifetime film concerns Warhol Factory fixture and film maker, Danny Williams. Williams was deeply involved with the creation of The Velvet Underground/Exploding Plastic Inevitable light show and was a brilliant creator and ardent Warhol fan. Upon his return from a 1966 Velvet Underground tour, Williams disappeared. His niece, Ester B. Robinson, discovered 20 previously unknown films by the master director 35 years later. These finds include some of the most intimate and earliest footage of Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick and the members of Velvet Underground.

Foreign films is another specialty of Bookmans. Blue Underground films’ Don’t Torture a Duckling directed by Lucio Fulgi is one example. This rare collection of Giallo films includes Duckling plus an unusual selection of the Italian horror genre.

For decidedly lighter fare take a look at our cult and camp classics. Hell Comes to Frogtown directed by R.J. Kizer is a fabulous romp through an ’80s version of a modern nuclear apocalypse. Our hero, Sam Hell, must rescue and impregnate women held in Frogtown for the evil mayor’s harem. Check your sensibilities at the door. This movie is too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

Our next film suggestion is a twist on a classic story, Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde. This film is equally politically incorrect as it tells the tale of an African-American scientist whose cellular regeneration breakthrough turns him into an albino vampire. He goes on to cause mayhem and madness to the utterly stereotypical folks in his community.

Naturally the intersection of camp cinema and books is of special interest around here. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s role in Capote captures the genius and hubris of the iconic author. The film follows Capote during the time in which he wrote In Cold Blood and is based on Gerald Clarke’s biography of Capote.

Songwriters are featured in films like I’m Not There. This brilliant film features an all star cast and was inspired by the life and songs of Bob Dylan. Throughout his multiple incarnations we see Dylan evolve as an artist and a man. It took six actors–including Cate Blanchett–to capture Dylan in different aspects of his life. A musician is also the focus in the classic film Amadeus. The film took 8 Oscars, one of which went to Tom Hulce for his brilliant, complex portrayal of the legendary Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

There is an endless supply of brilliant, complex, artfully-crafted films to sate your inner film critic. We also have films for fun and play. We see no shame is loving cult and camp movies. We love them too! Plan a movie night remember to use your trade credit so you can save money for popcorn.

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