Lo, the white elephant. Legend goes that a king of Siam would bestow upon those who displeased him an albino elephant in hopes that the upkeep would run them into the ground. What began as a malicious way to ruin enemies is now a celebrated holiday tradition. Cementing its place at office parties alongside spiked eggnog and secret Santas, white elephant gift exchanges provide for a lively giving experience if not a coveted gift. Finding the perfect white elephant gift can be fun but also daunting for shoppers during the holiday season. Though Bookmans in no way recommends you bring a large albino animal to your next ugly sweater party, we can assist you in acquiring a more appropriate substitute.


Bookmans is a great place to do your sincere holiday shopping, but aside from best sellers, DVD and Blu-ray new releases and of course the latest video games and consuls, we also offer silly, quirky and down right ridiculous items that are shoo-in crowd pleasers when it comes to this particular party game. We’ve got plenty of clever presents to bring to your next holiday bash. To get you started, here are five great white elephant gifts found at Bookmans Flagstaff, and possibly your favorite Bookmans location as well.

Darth Tater
Let us break this down for you. Darth Tater is a Darth Vader Mr. Potato Head. Brought to you by the good people at Hasbro, Darth Tater comes with all the classic Mr. Potato pieces, eyes, hands, shoes, etc. He also has a few spectacular additions like a light saber, a helmet, a mask and, of course, The Force. If Sith Lords aren’t your style, we suggest Darth Taters good friend Spider Spud. You can find these wonderfully pun-y items at all Bookmans Entertainment Exchanges.

Look At This F*cking Hipster, by Joe Mande
This hilarious coffee table book is not for everyone, but if your friends enjoy looking at photos of ironically dressed youngsters while reading funny cometary then we highly recommend LATFH. A favorite chapter is the one titled “Hipsters Through The Ages” where you learn that Russian mystic Rasputin was a hipster and that if he were alive today would be a member of the Fleet Foxes.

Kiss Fountain

^This Kiss Fountain
Sure to add pizazz and class to any home, this lovely and majestic fountain is a crowd pleaser. All four Kiss members are present — Starchild, The Demon, Spaceman and Catman — in this ode to glam rock. Add red food coloring to the water for enhanced effect and it will be just like you’re at real Kiss show. Pyrotechnics and face paint not included but highly recommended.

Cat Tricks and Treats
A purrfect holiday gift for anyone who has feline friends, Cat Tricks and Treats provides you with not one but THREE kitty toys as well as a treat recipe book. Cat Treats includes recipes like Beef Pot for Tiger and in the fine dining chapter you can find the delicacy Salmon Trout Mousse For Lucky. Make it a themed gift by purchasing a copy of Dancing with Cats by Burton Silver and Heather Busch.

Chuck Noris, Fist of Steel DVD Collection
(or any other action star compilation)
If you are still having trouble thinking of a gift, pick up one of many DVD collections for any action star and you will get some laughs, but also some serious appreciation. Chuck Noris, Steven Seagal or the Govenator are excellent contenders. You will find most of our collections displayed in the DVD section of any Bookmans Entertainment store.

The story of Siam’s white elephant may be just legend, but Bookmans can help make your white elephant gift legendary. Don’t over think it. This party game is meant to be fun. We’ve barley scratched the surface on the fun and hilarious gift ideas at Bookmans. If you are interested in a specific item mentioned, give your local Bookmans a call and we will happily check our shelves for you. Remember we can not guarantee stock, so if you want to be sure your local store has Darth Tater, give us a ring. Happy Holidays!