Heading into the month of June, summer is finally here! With summer comes excessive hours of hanging out by the pool, prolonged exposure to the Arizona sun, finding your summer music jam, spending time with friends, among a multitude of other things. But, it also drops us smack into the middle of Gemini season. There’s the transition from down-to-earth, laid back Taurus into the sharp and social energy of Gemini. This season sometimes gets a pretty bad rap. You’ll see a lot more activity from celebrity Geminis too.

Symbolized by the twins, Gemini seasons ranges from May 21st to June 21st. It is, in my non-professional-horoscoper opinion, the perfect mood to kick off your summer months. I get that this may be an unpopular opinion at best. But, hear me out. Like all zodiac signs, each is capable of showing their shadowed and more nefarious sides, especially in memes.

Let’s break it down. Gemini’s have a reputation for being two-sided, flakey, fake, and a bit duplicitous at times. While they do tend to contradict themselves, that’s part of their charm. Gemini is a mutable air sign which makes them incredibly adaptable, humorous, and witty.

Gemini season marks the beginning of dynamic change where we can look forward to finding our authentic selves, break up our normal and possibly boring routines, and try new things! So what is there to complain about? Grab on to that inspiration, meet some new people and get those creative juices flowing!

Still not convinced? Let’s let these celebrity Geminis speak for themselves.

Marilyn Monroe (Born 6/1/1926)

I dare you to not find a picture of this beautiful Gemini. Monroe, also known as Norma Jean Mortenson, started her career as a model before trying her hand out as an actress and singer, becoming commercially successful for her films in the 50s before her untimely passing in 1962.

Morgan Freeman (Born 6/1/37)

Though this Gemini didn’t get his big break until later in life, he’s literally played God, Nelson Mandela, Lucius Fox, a detective, a sharpshooter, a soldier, an inmate, and boxing coach, among countless other amazing roles. At 81, he’s still working and is one of the most recognized voices, like, ever.

Sir Paul McCartney (Born 6/18/42)

This Gemini, who was once just a young boy walking down Penny Lane in Liverpool, grew up to be one of the most influential musicians as a member of a small well-known band called The Beatles. Now he’s a two-time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an 18-time Grammy winner, and has penned or co-written over three dozen number one Billboard hits. Who would have thunk?

Stevie Nicks (Born 5/26/48)

American Horror Story may have confirmed the rumors that this ethereal Gemini known for her mystic, gypsy-like qualities, in fact, a witch, but one thing is for sure, she’s a woman taken by the wind. See what I did there? Even if you don’t love her, which will make me very sad, you definitely know her for her stage presence, distinct voice, and poetic vocals.

Zoe Saldana (Born 6/19/78)
Chris Pratt (Born 6/21/79)
Chris Evans (Born 6/13/81)
Tom Holland (Born 6/1/96)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to highly endorse these hero Geminis. Goes to show that this sign is a-okay.