Since our first Dos and Don’ts post went over so well, we decided to do a special edition for Music Month. Our most important DO remains, “express yourself, have fun and love what you love.” And the Don’ts… they keep on coming.
Dos and Don'ts

DO: Test drive our musical instruments. Ask us about that hella expensive Les Paul chained to the wall. We want to play it too!
DON’T: No more one person, hour long, screaming guitar (or drum) solos that features one. single. note. The whole time. Stop! Dude! We gotta get back to work.
DO: Tell us about that wicked concert you saw in ’84 from the group whose CD you are buying. DON’T: Why try to recreate the concert on our bongo drums? That band didn’t even have bongo drums, and you aren’t them, even in costume. The costume is cool though. Keep the leather pants and chest hair.
DO: Have confidence in whatever level of play you have. Everyone starts somewhere and we love seeing novices start their musical journeys. Let us help you find the instrument that’s right for you.
DON’T: Bookmans is not the place for judgement. If you rock it hard, respect that you used to be where the newbs are now. If you’re still concerned about your musical ability but want good uninterrupted jam time, come when things are slower — weekdays.
DO: Plug into our amps. They were born to run, so take those Sallys for a ride. Let the music be heard!
DON’T: There’s a reason amps don’t go to 11. This Is Spinal Tap deliberately exaggerates for humorous effect. Eardrum popping sound is not so funny in real life.
DO: Geek out with us about music. Ask us about set ups, instrument repair and accessories. Ask us about lesser known but still important composers and musicians. Let’s talk about math!
DON’T: We see no value in throwing down a ton of slang. We’re pretty sure some of those words are totally made up.
DO: Sing along with our in-store stereo system. We pay the big bucks to pipe that stuff in and we want you to like it.
DON’T: Please stop performing the full production of the Broadway musical Cats in costume. No, wait! That’s a DO! We wanna see this. Okay, obviously some of our Dos and Don’ts are a little bendy.
DO: Let us know if you’re interested in playing live in our stores. We are always looking for musicians. Next time you’re visiting, ask for the Event Liaison to see if we have openings.
DON’T: Harass musicians who play live in our stores. On the other hand, if you like what you’re hearing, let them know.
Every job has its ups and downs, but ours is made better with music. Please do come because it’s a party every time we see you. We couldn’t do what we do without you. We don’t even want to try.