Tut, Tut and Jolly Good! Bookmans Speedway has all the British television series you crave. Do you like Sherlock, Dr. Who, Poirot or Miss Marple? Maybe it’s time you check out the rest of the television from across the pond. Americans have become familiar with British favorites, in fact, they have become our favorites too.

British Television Series

Who doesn’t like a good British mystery on a stormy (or any) desert night? Nothing warms your heart like Mystery Theater and everyone gets a good laugh from Monte Python. Many of us in the know enjoy a hot toddy with the outrageous gals from Absolutely Fabulous. We can’t get enough of their more than slightly tipsy humor. How about meeting the ladies of Hallelujah! This British comedy classic includes a group of not-ready-for-retirement ladies who are out to save modern-day sinners with their fire and brimstone evangelism.

If you like America’s Modern Family, check out Life Begins. This not-so-perfect modern family includes two jobless teens and a struggling single mom who re-enters the baffling world of dating. Hijinks ensue. For a shot of British reality TV, check out Footballers Wives, England’s version of the Real Housewives. See how the other, richer half lives when these pampered and “posh” wives and mothers compete to see who can outdo the Beckhams? Bookmans Speedway has full seasons of Cold Feet and Bless Me Father, both comedy series show a uniquely dry British humor that we know and love.

For those who are more mystery minded, don’t miss Midsomer Murders. The villagers of Midsomer County reveal in their sinister secrets. These mysteries are based on the novels by Caroline Graham, modern master of the English village mystery. Classic British mystery TV is never better than Charlie Chan, Miss Marple or Poirot. Poirot is the classic inspector who has delighted generations of viewers with his determination to solve crimes. The twists and turns, double crosses and intrigue are plentiful with a rich history of vintage and new British mysteries series.

You don’t need cable to enjoy the best of British TV. Stop by Bookmans Speedway and check out our collection. We have the latest series and the best mystery and comedy. Be the first of your friends to discover the latest hottest characters. After all, the Time Lord does live forever but he is only on once a week!