When you think of Bookmans you think of…Cars!! Yeah!! Cars. Not just cars though, anything that moves, runs, can work on those vehicles or can be made from parts from said vehicles. We have parts and manuals, tools and photo essays. We even have tiny little cars, motorcycles, tractors and kits that you put together to make your own model cars, ships, bikes and planes. Do you have a transportation enthusiast in your life or, maybe, you ARE an enthusiast? Check out our Transportation section for all kinds of motorized wonders, and read on to get a better idea!


Even if you hearken for a time before the fossil fuel mode, we have what you love. Ships. Fully detailed model ships that are perfectly articulated and to scale. These wonders of wood and glue can take you back to those brave days of seafaring heroes, searching for treasures and hidden lands. Move a few hundred years forward and you see rockets, space ships and the exploration of the final frontier. So whether you need an auto manual to help you fix that ’83 Mazda your Dad finally let you take out of the garage, you want a conversation starter for your den or you are curious about tractors and trains, we have you covered.

Bookmans is the place to fulfill all your dreams of motion. Let’s take a look at some of our titles that will captivate you on your road to…the road, sky, seas and space.

Choppers Forever: A Complete History by Mike Seate and the Motorcycle Riders Club of America blazes through the history of Choppers in America.  The forward is done by Dave Nichols, the Editor of Easyriders magazine, who starts us off with the rise of cycling after WWII. Much can be learned from this quick read with a straightforward style and lots of photos. Nice Bike by Mark Scharenbroich is almost like the classic title Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. The work uses the analogy of riding, plus the skills learned from the road and translates it into successful personal and professional endeavors.

Race car fans will love our Racing section where one can find The Anatomy & Development of the Stock Car by Dr. John Craft or for the ladies and The Girl’s Guide to NASCAR by Liz Allison. John Deere Tractors and Equipment Vol. 1 1837-1959 by Don Macmillan takes us on a journey to the beginnings of agriculture and farming in America. On the the other end of the spectrum we have the ever famous How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive by John Muir. This manual is an absolute must have for any bug owner because eventually, you will probably be doing the maintenance yourself.

Roadside American by Jan Jennings covers the design and culture of the automobile in America. Last, if your car is your friend, grab a copy of Turn Signals Are the Facial Expressions of Automobiles by Donald A. Norman. Norman offers his quirky insights into the relationship between humans and their machines.

Books aren’t the only items available however, do you have a coffee can of old parts you don’t know what to do with? Do what some of our ingenious customers did and turn it into sculpture! How clever to make a golfer entirely out of nuts, bolts and screws? We have prints, posters, glass wear, vintage and new model cars and all things collectable. So the next time your best buddy breaks down, give Bookmans a call, we probably have the manual for it. While you are here you can pick up a gift for the transportation fan in your life…or yourself. Start your engines!