We take pride in being Arizona’s go-to shop for all the things you geek out about. Even better than selling geek-worthy merchandise is being surrounded by it for 40 hours a week! Bookmans attracts the freaks and geeks and we take pride in that. Customers and employees alike are  drawn to us for the unique items found on our orange shelves. As we celebrate geeking out this month, it’s easy to think of your typical “geekery” such as Doctor Who, Star Trek, Marvel and DC superheros and villains, LOTR or Star Wars but when we asked our employees at Bookmans Grant what they geek out about, we found that our crew blurs the geekery boundaries. We love that and we hope you do too.

Geeking Out

“’70s and ’80s John Carpenter movies.”

“Norse mythology, the Dark Arts, castles and the board game Crossbows and Catapults.”

“Stevie Nicks! Old school horror movies, Once Upon a Time, Blondie, X-files, Star Wars, fan fiction, musicals, Xena Warrior Princess and ’80s movies.”

“Sex and sexuality!”

“Fantastical beings, surreal fiction, Broad City, biking, female vocalists, Pokémon, Francesca Lia Block, the great outdoors, The Name of the Wind and Rick and Morty.”

“Venom, coffee, the Borrowers and thermal dynamics.”

Lord of the Rings, Arthurian legends, Harry Potter and Greek mythology.”

“The manga Monster Musume and Chaika the Coffin Princess.”

“Fashion, jewelry and local food.”

“Doctor Who, musical theater, Warehouse 13, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, Star Trek: Voyager and Arthurian legend.”

This month relish in the things that really get you going. Does accomplishing that 3,000 piece dragon puzzle in 24 hours get you off? Great, come get your puzzles from us and enjoy the company of your geeky brethren. We’re here for you. Help us celebrate the inner geek in all of us this month and make sure to check out all our awesome in store displays dedicated to highlighting our most prized “geeky” product.