Do you love to paint? Maybe you like to draw, make music, or even whittle wood. Personally, I love paper crafts. I’m a stationery hoarder by nature and anything made of paper that looks remotely cute, creative or artsy is something I’m interested in. After taking a watercolor workshop, I realized I really enjoyed the medium and it gave me another excuse to shop for paper and fun paints.  Here’s a colorful painting made on watercolor paper found at Bookmans.


Getting creative can become expensive quickly. Ask any artist or crafter. Luckily, Bookmans has a plethora of resources to choose from to spark your imagination no matter what kind of medium you enjoy getting creative with. We often see sketchbooks, watercolor paper, and gently used art supplies come in over our trade counter. All of our stores carry a selection of art books and magazines to help cultivate ideas. The fun thing about Bookmans is you never know what you’ll find. One day it might be tons of rubber stamps and scrapbooking stickers.


The next day it will be scraps of fabric, cigar boxes, and artificial flowers. Our Phoenix store almost always has cigar boxes available for sale. This Frida Kahlo cigar box shrine was created with bits and bobs found at Bookmans. We’ve seen mosaics created from glass and pottery found in our stores. Customers and staff also create countless paintings, art journals, and paper crafts made with the products we sell.


No matter which location is your home store, there’s sure to be something to help you realize your creative dreams. Think outside the box and poke around our shelves. You never know where inspiration might strike. Are you an artist or crafter? We’d love to hear about or see the creations you’ve made from stuff found at Bookmans! Feel free to share, tag or tell us in the comments below.