If you haven’t heard by now we’re here to tell you graphic novels are all the rage. Marvel, DC, Image, Top Shelf, Dark Horse and their characters are only the tip of the paneled iceberg. There are more graphic novel distributors, stories and film adaptations than we know what to do with. An important nugget of information to keep in mind about these illustrated little gems is, girls read them too! Crazy, right? What’s not quite so well known are the slew of amazing titles  with awesome female characters that totally kick bad guy ass. Hearing about Batman, Ironman and Superman is getting a little old. Where’s all the girl power? We’ve compiled a list of a few incredible graphic novels full of noteworthy women.


Take for example the graphic novel classic Chain Mail Bikini, an anthology about female gamers. With thirty-six contributing artists and every single comic about a female powerhouse it’s a definite addition to your collection. You guys out there remember girls game too, right? This compilation will please all genders with its array of art and hilariously touching stories.

Marvel didn’t let us down entirely, if you look closely you will find they have a few female characters them selves. Black Widow and She-hulk to name a few. But have you heard of Marvel’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl? Image Comics is no stranger to the female powerhouse characters with titles like It Girl and Atomics. Not to mention Marvels Hugo Award winning Ms. Marvel.

A personal favorite is the Lumberjanes written by the female powerhouse writing team of Shannon Waters, Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson. With a whole crew of shrine worthy characters we follow their adventures at Scout Camp where they encounter supernatural beings and learn to survive the wilderness. It’s funny, full of action and has you turning to the next page as rapidly as your little eyes can read. Did we mention the girls; these characters are so dynamic you’ll instantly fall in love? Originally only an eight part series this comic is now continuing and if the rumors are true will soon be making its debut on the big screen. *Swoon*

Another required reading graphic novel  for any gender identity is Persepolis. Not your typical graphic novel Persepolis is one women’s real life recounting of her time spent in Iran during the Islamic revolution. This comic not only ranked number five on Newsweeks best non-fiction, it was made into a film and our favorite fact is it’s been on the banned and censored list since its release. So of course we want you to read it, love it, buy it, cherish it and spread the word!

The market for all girl characters is finally blowing up and while we didn’t mention all of the noteworthy titles, rest assured there are plenty of others out there. Browse our shelves today to find your new feminine treat! Our Geek Out display is always stocked with the best novels featuring inspiring character both male and female alike.

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