Here at Bookmans we don’t just celebrate the Earth for the month of April, we go green all year long. That’s right, every single day we go to extreme lengths to ensure our carbon footprint is as small as possible. The very basis of our business model is “buy, sell, trade,” which keeps usable items out of the landfill and resourced into a new home. Aside from the joy that sparks at our trade counter and the nature of reusing perfectly good items, we also have “backroom rules” that employees are encouraged to follow to further our dedication to a better, brighter future.

  1. When books aren’t quite suitable for resale, but the customer doesn’t want to take them home, we put them into our donation bins. A lot of magic happens here. Not only do we have programs for teachers to come pick up books for their classroom, we also donate to Arizona prisons. We want to make sure books do not end up in the landfill, so for the remaining books that don’t make the cut, we recycle them!
  1. We recycle consumer electronics responsibly. Scratched CD’s, DVD’s, and vinyl are saved for crafting projects throughout the year. Did you know you can make wind chimes or coffee table coasters from old discs? Or earrings and bowls from old vinyl? We host events at each store reusing these items for artistic purposes! We also responsibly dispose of old computer monitors, gaming consoles and other related devices. All to keep our Arizona community a little greener.
  1. Did you ever notice the solar panels at our Bookmans Midtown location? Not only do we have covered parking, we’re also collecting those beautiful rays of sunshine. We’re the first location to switch over to this amazing source of renewable energy and hope there will be more where that came from in the future.
  1. Each location also has electric car chargers. We want to support the movement for a better tomorrow any way we can. By offering these services we not only give our eco friends a place to rest and reboot, but we also hope to encourage our neighbors to offer the same.
  1. We’re working on converting our paper trade slips into reusable plastic cards. No more paper! We continue to find better ways to conduct business, have fun and stay green. Rest assured that when you shop at Bookmans you’re improving your local community in more ways than one.

Every day spent at Bookmans is an opportunity to positively impact our local environment and economy. Go green not only this month, but every month at Bookmans and feel like you’re doing your part. We make it easy for you. Each time we go through a deal on our trade counter we look at items and ask, “can this be repurposed?” and “what can this be used for?” We want to buy, sell and trade as much as we possibly can. Trade in today and do your part!