Yipes! Christmas morning is almost here and you still haven’t finished your holiday shopping. You could go to the mall and elbow your way past the department store throngs in hopes of finding a sweater that isn’t too hideous. You could go to the drug store and purchase all the plastic porquería you can get your hands on. Or you could come to Bookmans. Here you will find great gifts for the forgotten ones. It’s easy to forget a gift or two when you have in-laws, step-families and hoards of besties. There’s even your darling li’l sister’s latest bum of a BAE. Bookmans literally has shelves upon shelves of options for last minute gifts.

Last Minute Gifts for Last Minute Giftees, Posters

Posters Posters Posters!
Remember that time your cousin said that he thought the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies were okay? Stop by the Gallery area at your local Bookmans and pick up some, oh, so sweet, wall décor. Everything pop culture is available and ready to decorate even the blandest of dorm rooms. Wolverine, Star Wars, Doctor Who, even the periodic table of cannabis is available and waiting to neighbor a Bob Marley poster somewhere. Posters add a little bit of color to your home or office.

Last Minute Gifts for Last Minute Giftees, Cookbooks

Cook books!
Who doesn’t love food? Bookmans has every cuisine culture from Italian to Ethiopian, diet style from meaty to vegan, and complexity from beginner to pro. We recommend the ultimate category of Southwest style cooking for meals with a kick. Whether that’s with Hatch chilis or a combination of spices, we love all that Southwest cooking has to offer. The best part about giving a Southwest cuisine cookbook? It’s easy to pick up, requires minimal culinary experience and maybe you swing a dinner invitation.

Last Minute Gifts for Last Minute Giftees, Musical Instruments

Give the gift of music!
Say you’re not sure what to get your niece or nephew this Christmas. Tambourines, maracas, shakers and rain sticks are ideal for children as an introduction to music. We’ve heard the complaints about noisemakers, but consider that music builds a child’s confidence, brain power and social skills. Plus how adorable is it to see young people push through feelings of vulnerability to bravely show off their creative spirit?

Believe us when we tell you that we’ve barley scratched the surface of gift possibilities. In addition to the items mentioned thus far and our usual books, music and movie offerings, we have Geeking Out Corners filled with pop culture collectibles, a gallery with all manner of housewares and more jewelry than is reasonable.

Stop by your local Bookmans, your store to explore for last minute gifts. If you’re still unsure what to buy, there are always Bookmans gift certificates. Like trade, these certificates don’t expire and can be used at any Bookmans location. All our stores will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, December 24, but will be closed on Christmas Day. Stop by for any last minute holiday shopping. Our Bookmans team members are happy to help you find the perfect gift

Happy Holidays!