As we crawl out from under the menorah tree and begrudgingly start thinking about 2017, let us take a moment to figure out what to do with all those gifts that, although thoughtful and sweet, didn’t hit the mark. Sorry, but someone has to say it. Not every gift is a home run and if Marie Kondo taught us anything, you must tidy that stuff up. Bookmans can help with this most unfortunate dilemma because even if that gift isn’t for you, it’s still an awesome gift. We share three pieces of practical advice for what to do with unwanted gifts.

Bookmans Guide for What to Do with Unwanted Gifts

Trade ’em in!
Sometimes Christmas results in not one but two copies of Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman. The same goes for the giving marathon called חנוכה. Although you begged for this book for months, what are you going to do with two copies of the same book? Here’s a grand idea! Take one in to your friendly neighborhood Bookmans. We will take stock of what’s on our shelves and if we can make an offer you can use that cash or trade to swing by our New and Cool shelf to get your hands on Yes Please by the one and only Amy Poehler (or that rom com you were too embarrassed to put on your wish list). See? No harm no foul.

Return or exchange ’em!
Say you are the gift giver in the previously established predicament and bought someone something they already own. Or maybe it’s a case of mixing up Mindcraft with Skylanders and you just need to exchange the item for the correct one. Then again, maybe you purchased a lovely gift for someone but after some consideration you decided you’d rather stuff their stocking with coal. No need to give Krampus a call. We got you covered with our awesome holiday season return policy. Bring any purchases you made at our stores back for an exchange or refund. You will need the original receipt and the item must have the original price tag. If you made the purchase between November 15 and December 24, we will extend our regular refund period to January 3rd. The holidays are hard enough without having the safety net of an extended return policy. You have 2 more days, get in here!

Relax and enjoy the post-holiday season.
Bookmans is your third place. If you have gifts that didn’t work out or Santa got you some upgrades and you’re ready to trade in old, games, DVDs or books, Bookmans is here for you. We will take as many items off your hands as we can afford to buy. If we can’t sell them and you decide to leave them on our counters, rest easy knowing we’ll find good homes for them at a school, library, shelter or other worthy organization we partner with. At the very least we will do our best to keep them out of the landfill.

Gift giving isn’t an exact science. We can’t blame your older sister for getting you the latest games for the wrong consul. It’s an honest mistake and a reflection of how much you are loved. Whether it’s at our trade counter or through our return policy, there’s no reason why this can’t be a happy and fruitful holiday season. Check out our Buy Sell Trade page for more information on how the process works.