If you’ve had the absolute  pleasure of catching a screening of Teen Witch over the past 25 years on television, on an old-school VHS, on DVD, or at a live showing where the film is given the “Rocky Horror” cult experience, you know that Louise Miller is a teenager with magical powers who dreams of being the most popular girl at her high school. Just released in stunning HD on Blu-ray with a 5.1 soundtrack, Teen Witch is perfect for anyone who lived in or loved the ’80s. It’s a cult classic following the trials and tribulations of Louise, a teenager girl struggling to fit in and learn who she is. In the midst of her awkward adolescence, Louise learns she is a descendant of witches…and will become a witch on her 16th birthday.

Madame Serena (played beautifully by Poltergeist’s Zelda Rubenstein) helps Louise perfect her craft, which includes becoming the most popular girl she’s dreamed about and getting the most popular boy to fall in love with her.
However, the high life isn’t all it seems when Louise realizes what she’s sacrificed in her battle for the top…and finds herself choosing between a life she wants and a life she already knows. It’s “Never Gonna Be The Same Again”!

Leading the cast is actress Robyn Lively (sister of Blake Lively), Dick Sargeant (Bewitched), Dan Gauthier and features an incredible soundtrack written by Tom and Larry Weir. To fans, the music is its crowning achievement. Featuring such dance tunes as “I Like Boys”, “Top That”, and more, the music is everything that’s wonderful and horrible about the ’80s all at once. The film has gone on to inspire a Broadway musical. Lead actress, Robyn Lively even recreated the musical dance ending as a gift to sister Blake Lively (and huge Teen Witch) at her wedding to actor Ryan Reynolds.
Teen Witch can speak to kids even today dealing with identity issues. Although the story has musical numbers mixed in, it’s a story that speaks to the heart. People will learn what’s really important..believing in yourself is the most powerful magic of all.
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