Ever get a certain beat or anthem stuck in your head for hours? It’s pretty much an everyday thing for me. Often times around Bookmans, you can spot me singing to the catchy piece of music trapped in my head at the moment. These new tunes have been playing on a loop in my brain, and though sharing them might not get them out anytime soon, I’m happy to have them playing on repeat in my head. You might find yourself singing along in a minute too.
Fetty, Kyle, and Drake Album Covers

Sky Walker – Miguel (ft. Travis Scott)
WARNING! This beat is contagious and a first-class collaboration that deserves to be thrown into your rotation! This one is all taking the time to enjoy yourself, life, and all that comes with it. Take the time to enjoy the moment and just try to get this out of your head.

Sky Walker Image from Video

Could You Believe It – Fetty Wap
Fetty’s got a new album this year, and he’s definitely come along way with this one. How many of you remember Sway?  I’m down with the energy! Don’t let them sleep on you, achieve whatever it is you believe! Hard work, commitment and support and you’ll get there.

fetty album cover

God’s Plan – Drake
Scary Hour! This track yet again made into another one of my reviews. Seriously, it’s that addictive! The beat keeps flying around in my head. Drake is back, and I have a feeling this is only the beginning of some new greatness.

Drake Album Cover for Scary Hours

Doubt It – KYLE
KYLE’s music is full of staggering references from pop culture to wealth to lifestyle to gaming (yes, he is also a professional gamer). He’s keeping it real and humble. The upbeat tempo that makes your feet move mixing with the allegorical lyrics are exactly why it’s stuck in my head (and will undoubtedly be stuck in yours too).

kyle Doubt It Album Cover
If you like the music or the review, keep your eyes peeled to read more from me. And if you see me singing along to a song in my head at Bookmans, it’ll probably be one of these, so feel free to join in! Be sure to check out our employee recommendations when you’re at our stores. Our selection is always changing and new music makes its way across our counters daily, so there’s always something new to recommend.
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