Independent Bookstore Day is here and it’s got me all nostalgic. Four years ago, I got a job working as a cashier at Bookmans. Now, after years under my belt, I can say that there are a lot of things I never would’ve discovered without working here.

Spending Most of Your Paycheck on Merchandise

We see an immense amount of merchandise in our stores daily. From books to board games, it’s incredible just how many cool items come across our counter. This, of course, is a blessing and a curse. It’s great because our store is making money, however just about every shift, I will come across something I absolutely need. I love my job, but about half of each paycheck goes right back into this place.

bookstore employee weight lifting book boxes

Books are Really, Really Heavy

Ever tried lifting a gigantic tote of books? It’s quite the workout.

Obsessively Organizing Shelves (Even in Other Bookstores)

A large part of working at a bookstore is keeping the shelves clean, stocked, and organized. It is now ingrained in my brain that if I see a book out of place, I must put it back. I’ll even find myself browsing other bookstores like Mostly Books or Antigone’s doing the exact same thing. It’s a knee-jerk reaction, I guess.

Customers Actually Listen to Recommendations

Booksellers have a lot of knowledge and opinions about books. If you ask for a recommendation on any genre, I guarantee our employees will have at least ten books they can recommend. What amazes me most is our customers actually listen to the recommendations. Our customers trust that we know what we are talking about (and usually we are right).

things found in book at bookmans stores

People Use the Strangest Things as Bookmarks

Being a used bookstore has a lot of perks. Great prices are just one of those perks! One of my favorite things is finding a book that is well-loved. Many book lovers are notorious for highlighting, notating, and (cringes) dog-earing their books and I always love flipping through a book and finding a long lost bookmark.

Book Banter Feels So Good

Booksellers are really good at book banter because we positively adore it. Ask any Bookmans employee about their favorite such and such and chances are, we will talk your ear off all about it. What can I say? Our employees are very passionate.

bookstore bookmans east staff

The Employees Here are Just Plain Incredible

I cannot ask for a better family. Words cannot express how grateful we are for our incredible team. These are just a handful of the faces you may see at our store, but our employees are what makes Bookmans feel like more than just a store. Bookmans is a safe space, a culture, and most importantly, a home. It wouldn’t be the same place without each of our employees. We are so thankful for them!

This August we are celebrating our passion for being an independent bookstore. You can tune into all of the fun festivities and celebrate with us virtually and in-store.