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17 Oct

Star Wars: Return of the Readers Sale at Bookmans Northwest

Shop the Bookmans Galaxy at Bookmans Northwest! 

20% All Products, All Day!

Bookmans Northwest is hosting a Bookmans: Return of the Readers Sale this Saturday, October 21st featuring 20% all products! Stock up on all your favorite books, movies, music, video games and more. Don’t miss your chance to shop this stellar sale as we offer 20% the entire Bookmans Galaxy! Receive an additional 10% off for wearing a Star Wars Costume. (Nice try, t-shirts do not count as costumes.) This promotion cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. The Force is with you at our Bookmans: Return of the Reader Sale!

16 Oct

Frightful Fall | Obscure Halloween Soundtracks

October is Frightful Fall at Bookmans! Whether you are a soundtrack guru or you just like spooky music, Halloween is arguably one of the best times of the year to break out those scary soundtracks. Of course, we know the staples such as Tubular Bells from The Exorcist or This is Halloween from The Night Before Christmas but did you know there are also soundtracks available for some of your favorite Halloween films? Get ready to be bewitched and bewildered because today we are counting down three of our MUST-HAVES for this haunted holiday season.

11 Oct

No, You’re the Best! Thank You, Phoenix

We’re so excited to announce that Bookmans was voted Best Used Bookstore 2017 in the Reader’s Choice section of the New Times Best of Phoenix Competition! None of this could have happened without our awesome customers in the Valley of the Sun. We consider ourselves fortunate to do what we do each day. Your support has helped us stick around as Arizona’s largest local used media store for over 40 years. With Bookmans locations across the state, we have Arizonans covered wherever you may reside. But today, we are highlighting just a few of the countless things we love about Phoenix, Arizona. Thank you for making our year!

03 Oct

Frightful Fall | Spooky Snacks Across Arizona

Hob nob with glib and ghostly characters this October at Bookmans! Who knows what lurks around each orange bookshelf? Perhaps a figment of Kubrick’s imagination, the spirit of Poe’s Raven or the electric sparks of Shelley’s monster. Discover for yourself as Bookmans teems with spooky fun. This October, engage in bone-chilling good times and a venerable eerie feast for the senses. But what about the taste buds? As to not forget these important receptors of flavor, we compiled a list of strange, creepy, unexpected and even outlandish foods to encourage you eat courageously across Arizona. To top it off, all of our selections are locally sourced and native to the forty-eighth state. This October, discover unique Arizona delicacies that put the “Frightful” in Fall!

30 Sep

October is Frightful Fall at Bookmans!

Fall is here! Along with knitwear, cooler temps and colorful foliage comes fright nights and spooky celebrations! Bookmans stores open their doors to ghosts, ghouls and goblins for frightfully Fall-tastic events all October long. From scary cinema to creepy crawler meet and greets to trick or treating in our stores, Bookmans has got you covered in the all things spooky department!

25 Sep

20% Off Storewide Sale at Bookmans Flagstaff!

Bookmans Flagstaff is hosting a Bookmans: Return of the Readers Sale this Sunday, October 1st featuring 20% all products! Stock up on all your favorite books, movies, music, video games and more. Don’t miss your chance to shop this stellar sale as we offer 20% the entire Bookmans Galaxy! Receive an additional 10% off for wearing a Star Wars Costume. (Nice try, t-shirts do not count as costumes.) This promotion cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. The Force is with you at our Bookmans: Return of the Reader Sale!

22 Sep

Bookmans Flagstaff | Cafe Dreamin’

Did you know that Bookmans Flagstaff has a café? That’s right! Fantastic coffee is served to go with your binge reading and watching. With the cold weather moving in for fall and winter, Bookman’s Café is the perfect place to spend your day-off indoors. Our Café also carries a selection of yummy snacks made by local food artisans and coffee roasters. Read on to learn more about our partnerships with other local businesses that make our café extra delicious!


20 Sep

Get Crafty | Bookmans Recommends Geeky Projects

As you may have heard, Winter is coming. This means many different things around Arizona, from snow-covered streets in Flagstaff to perfect hiking climes in Tucson. No matter what your fave cool-weather activity might be, we recommend that you throw crafting into the rotation. Whether you’re a geek or not, you can be sure to find something to satisfy your creative side at your local Bookmans. Also, be sure to check our event calendar for creative and crafty gatherings across the state. When it comes to crafting, there is quite a universe out there and Bookmans is ready to help you boldly craft how you’ve never crafted before. All six of our Bookmans locations have a section dedicated to all different kinds of craft books. There are even a few especially for us geeks out there. Today, we highlight the best and brightest in the geeky craft world.

18 Sep

Bookmans Recommends | Archie’s Weird Mysteries

We all have fond memories of reading about Archie Andrews and the gang. We’re entranced by his ever faithful friend Jughead, his torn affections between nice girl Betty and rich Veronica, and of course his trouble maker pal, Reggie. Their misadventures filled many comic digests that we all grew up reading. Recently, there has been a resurgence in Riverdale popularity. The CW currently has their own take on the lives of the Riverdale gang in the aptly named “Riverdale“. Although a great show in its own right, storylines may be a little more adult than the original comics. A teen drama fully stocked with affairs, drugs, and a family of corrupt redheads, CW’s Riverdale is sure to have you biting your nails and pining for Jughead.

12 Sep

Bookmans Recommends | Insomnia Reading List

I sleep pretty well, most of the time. But lately, I’ve found myself waking up at 2 a.m. with lots of ideas on my mind. I recently read an article that recommended powering down all electronic devices and going into another room of your apartment or house when you have a hard time falling asleep. I usually go to my spare bedroom where I keep all my books, write down all of my ideas on a notepad and then grab a book I’ve already read and go through my favorite chapter. Why a book I’ve already read? Because then I won’t stay awake anticipating what will happen next. I learned my lesson when I read Game of Thrones for the first time. I stayed up reading until 5 a.m. because I couldn’t put it down. So, here are few ideas for all of us out there with a touch of insomnia. Whether these are right for you or not, perhaps they will inspire ideas on how to ease your mind back to sleep!

06 Sep

Fight Censorship | 5 Unlikely Banned Books

We fight censorship every month at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange. But September is especially awesome when it comes to freedom of speech because we celebrate #ArrestedReading with Banned Book Mugshots and Challenged Literature Displays! It’s always interesting to see what new books have made the banned list and remember those from previous years. There’s something exciting about finding out that one of your favorites is part of the club. I took some time to read about a few of these and compiled of a list of the most random and hilarious reasons that books were banned. I hope some of these are familiar titles for you and the reason they are “unfit” Wheto be read gives you a good chuckle!

04 Sep

Adam Rex: King of Kids’ Books

Moonday, Cold Cereal and the New York Times bestseller, Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich have one hysterical thing in common — Adam Rex. True to his name, the author/illustrator/artist is a literary king and a gateway author for young readers. You might have seen his books or attended one of his popular sessions at the Tucson Festival of Books (TFOB) or maybe you’ve seen the DreamWorks movie Home based on his book The True Meaning of Smekday. If not, you’re in luck! The one and only Adam Rex will be making an appearance at Bookmans Midtown on September 9th at 11am. Don’t miss out on a short reading provided by this Tucson celeb. Mr. Rex will be drawing one of kind creatures with the help of his audience and reading one of his acclaimed children’s books. Until then, geek out with us as this U of A alumnus shares his thoughts on creativity, Magic: The Gathering and Bookmans.

Adam Rex

01 Sep

Get Caught Reading Banned and Challenged Books at Bookmans!

Banned Books Month is here! Every September, Bookmans proudly celebrates literature contraband as we highlight the astounding amount of titles that have been the subject of censorship. From the King James Bible to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks to Brown Bear Brown Bear to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, censorship knows no prejudice. Titles across all genres have been removed from schools and libraries across the United States. Whether it’s a children’s picture book that is rumored to promote Marxism or a villain who is perceived to be too mean, books are banned or challenged more often than most people realize. It’s even likely that some of your most cherished bedtime stories were once banned. Bookmans stores across AZ are hosting a plethora of events for all you rebel readers out there who proudly read banned and challenged books.

31 Aug

Meet Eden! Storyteller Extraordinaire at Bookmans Phoenix

This month marks the fourth anniversary of working with our favorite storyteller, Mr. Eden at Bookmans Phoenix. Eden came to us through the Phoenix Public Library in 2013 and it’s been a perfect match ever since. In addition to hosting Story Garden: Grow With Books every Wednesday morning from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., Eden joins us for special events ranging from friendship dance parties to Tolkien Reading Days to Polar Express story times. Bookmans is partnering with Eden through the Early Literacy Outreach Team funded by Phoenix Public Library and First Things First, two organizations that extend love of reading, literacy and well-being to our local community. Eden brings many years of experience in promoting the arts, healthy living, literacy and community involvement to Bookmans. We are definitely big fans of his!

24 Aug

Get Crafty | World’s Easiest Art Project

Hey parents, teachers, big sisters and brothers and anyone else who works with children! We know summer is soon coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up artistic activities. Even if you are just about out of ideas for interactive and educational fun, we can help. Today, we are unveiling the easiest kids craft EVER. This activity takes very little prep, is virtually free, and allows your charges to use their imaginations in order to make whatever they want. What are we talking about? A Landscape Collage craft. We would bet a nickel that if you have kids around, you will have everything you need to do this craft. Part of the fun of this craft is collecting the supplies. Your tiny talents will be imagining their very own landscape and filling it with whatever treasures they can find. Collecting the materials can be like a treasure hunt, you can send them through the house, yard, garage or spare room to find their supplies. You can expand on this part of the activity if you like by providing them with a prize when they are done. So let’s get started!

16 Aug

Musical Notes | Car Karaoke

One of Bookmans’ core values is environmental awareness. A great way to take a step toward reducing your carbon footprint is to carpool. An environmentally better way is in a hybrid. A more entertaining way, and quite possibly the best way, is to have a car karaoke party! The idea ‘dance like no one is watching’ is an essential philosophy when doing this, seeing that most of us do not have tinted windows on our vehicles. Now that I think about it, I have seen some pretty great dance moves when people are rocking out. Regardless, someone else is bound to hear you belting it out if you’re sitting in traffic, so you might as well give it your all. Toss your worries aside and embrace the morning commute by singing your heart out! Every moment waiting in your car just became a moment to shine and party down. I’ve even recruited other drivers to join me in reinacting the Bohemian Rhapsody scene from Wayne’s World – complete with full air guitar with my windows rolled down! The driver next to me even used his dashboard like a drum kit. Had it been a contest, we totally would have won! Some carpoolers even bring instruments including drum sticks for air solos. Today, we are counting down our picks for best carpool karaoke musical instruments.

11 Aug

Bookmans Recommends | The Guild 10th Anniversary

By C’loni Bailey, Assistant Manager at Bookmans Mesa

Summer of 2017 marks the ten-year anniversary of the The Guild web series. It’s hard to believe that a decade has passed since I was first introduced to the adorable awkwardness of Codex and her wonderful gang of unruly weirdos. For the uninitiated, The Guild is a comedy web series created by geek goddess Felicia Day. The series follows a group of MMO gamers in an online guild called “The Knights of Good” as they try to awkwardly navigate real life with little understanding about how to manage relationships outside of the virtual world of The Game. The series stars Felicia Day as “Codex”, aka Cyd Sherman, an unemployed violinist who spends 8-9 hours a day playing The Game with her guildmates, whom she has never actually met in real life. The other members of the guild include Zaboo the love interest of Codex (sort of), Vork the neurotic guild leader, Clara the alarmingly neglectful mother of three, Tinkerballa the ascerbic ranger, and Bladezz the vulgar teenager. The Guild aired for six seasons and featured a slew of geeky guest stars like Wil Wheaton, Nathan Fillion, Erin Gray, Zachary Levi, Doug Jones, Neil Gaiman and even features a cameo by Stan Lee.

09 Aug

Geeking Out Over Obscure Holidays

Did you know that today is National Book Lovers’ Day? Indeed it is! There’s a whole host of odd, unconventional and obscure holidays out there. In fact, there is probably a bizarre holiday for every day of the year. In honor of National Book Lovers’ Day, we are recognizing all the crazy, fun and off-the-wall holidays that coincide with quirky Bookmans products. Bookmans is a store full of adventure, knowledge and merchandise. We have some pretty peculiar and very interesting things come through our doors. Our shelves hold a well-curated selection of popular merchandise mixed with cool, one-of-kind items. The other day, I heard a customer ask a co-worker if we had any books about ferret behavior issues. As it turns out, we did. This led me to wonder if there’s a holiday for ferrets. Low and behold, April 22nd is National Ferret Day. So, get your party hats out, you’ll want to celebrate some of these far out holidays!

02 Aug

Bookmans Summer Sale | BOGO Mystery and Romance

Bookmans stores across Arizona will be hosting a Summer BOGO Sale this weekend, August 4th and 5th! Stock up on everything you need to escape the heat this summer and be entertained…indoors! Head to Bookmans stores for this sweet Summer Sale as we offer a buy-one-get-one deal on all mystery and romance novels. This promotion cannot be combined with other offers or discounts and is limited to one per customer. In honor of this amazing sale, we once again offer up a few suggestions for must-have mysteries and lusty literature. So sit back and relax as we provide some genre fiction sure to be added to your TBR pile.

01 Aug

Catch Movie Madness at Bookmans!

Lights, camera, action! August is Movie Madness Month at Bookmans and we’re celebrating cinema with fun events and giveaways. Stop by every location for movie-themed activities inspired by the silver screen. From Movie Nights to Minions to Grease Sing-a-Longs, we’re pulling out all the stops. Be sure to peruse the orange shelves at your local Bookmans for great deals on DVDs and BluRays in addition to fun and free events. Movie Madness is going around and we have a feeling that you’re going to catch it. Get ready for your close up and have a blast with us at Bookmans this August!

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