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18 May

Geeking Out | Summer Vacation Horror Flicks

School’s out for the summer and for the high school or college student that usually means parties, vacations and road trips – your general garden variety young-adult shenanigans.  But of course where the rowdy naiveté of youth can be found, evil is lurking close behind.  Here are some classic horror films to geek over this summer that pit young-adults against forces of evil, both supernatural and mundane.

15 May

Games Gone Retro | Vintage Board Games

Vintage is trending and Bookmans East has just the games for you! Retro Range has released a collection of retro inspired games with original artwork and game pieces. These are “modernized versions of old favourites” that combine the quirky charm of vintage toys and games with the special features of updated versions. There is nothing tacky about these games; they are wonderfully eccentric. These modernized classics incorporate wholesomeness paired with a cheeky sensibility. The games they chose to update and remake are not just the games from your childhood but also from your grandparent’s childhoods.vintage

14 May

Geeking Out | Bat For Lashes

Can we please take a moment to geek over one of my all time favorite artists? Bat For Lashes is a pseudonym of British Singer/Songwriter Natasha Khan, who released her debut album Fur and Gold in 2006.  Since then she has produced three additional studio albums including The Bride, which was released earlier this year.  


11 May

Freak Out and Geek Out

Let us take you to a very special place, your happy place! It is a wonderland of treasures, where everything you love is there and everyone is smiling. We don’t have any lemon drops, but boy do we have sweet stuff! May is Geek Out month and Bookmans wants to introduce you to our uber elite, culturally reflective playland we call the Geek Zone.geek

10 May

Phoenix | Top 5 Cool Spots For Pets

As the weather heats up around Arizona, a burning question looms in the minds of all pet owners. Where can we take our fur friends when the sidewalk is not suitable for paws? Local First Arizona is on the case with a handy directory of all local pet-related businesses in our state. Local First Arizona is a driving force behind building better communities for Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson and everything in between. So what could be better than spending some quality time with your four-legged best friend, while supporting the businesses that grow the local economy? Possibly doing the aforementioned activities with coffee, in which case, #2 has us covered. Today, we’re counting down the top five local spots to take your pets when the hot weather just won’t quit. Spoiler alert, we’re a little biased on #1.


09 May

Bookmans Tucson | Free Summer Kids Events

Everyone’s favorite used bookstore is hosting a cornucopia of family-friendly events all summer long at each of our six state-wide locations. Join us for Free Summer Kids Events with fun-filled activities like mad science experiments and lego build offs. Meet real-life mermaids and pirates as you sail the seven seas. Settle in for a jolly storytelling experience with puppets, magic and more. Free Summer Kids Events take place Tuesday through Friday at 10am. Here’s what we have coming your way:


05 May

Geeking Out | Magic: The Gathering

This week we’re taking a break from our typical book, movie, and music recommendations to expose our blog readers to something a little different –  the trading card game Magic: The Gathering.  


01 May

May is Geeking Out Month at Bookmans

At Bookmans, we live by a tried and true adage, geeking out is half the fun. Some may argue that geeking out is a little more than half, or perhaps all, of said fun. But we can all agree, it’s a major part of the fun. This May, we are dedicating all of our forces to the celebration of of superfans everywhere. Whether your love is for comics, sci-fi, tech gadgets, star gazing, serious crafting or just curling up with a great book, Bookmans has you covered. Engage in dynamic events at each Bookmans location and in the local community from Star Wars shindigs to the Signature Pop Culture Event of the Southwest. Our event calendar has something for everyone. Head to your nearest Bookmans this May and let your geek flag fly!

28 Apr

Being Green and Orange

April is Earth month for Bookmans, because one of our core values as a company is the environment. It makes sense to take care of that which is most important to all of us – Mother Earth. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle has been our mission for 40 years, way before the term global warming was an unfortunate part of our modern lexicon. While we are glad that humanity is beginning to wake up, we have a long way to go. Like Kermit said, “it ain’t easy being green” or orange. The best changes are those that are incorporated into our daily lives, small changes that can have lasting and large cumulative effects. All through the month of April our Bookmans locations host environmental fairs and recycling events to help you stay informed, but we rock Mother Earth all year long and we want you to join us. We’re here to help you find the best ways to support our environment and protect this precious planet, so let’s get started!


26 Apr

Grant Location Liquidation Sale

We recently moved our well known Grant location to the new Bookmans Midtown location at 3330 East Speedway Blvd. just east of Country Club Rd. Bookmans Midtown is up and running and ready for you to come buy, sell and trade. With that said, most of the stores inventory made its way to our new location, but we couldn’t bring everything over, we just had too many books. We love books and want to make sure these fabulous titles find their way into good homes, so we are having a GRANT LOCATION LIQUIDATION SALE!


24 Apr

Meet Joe Gonzalez | Local Artist & Bookmans Superstar

Bookmans Phoenix sure is proud of accomplished local artist and Electronics Department guru, Joe Gonzalez. Joe is a longtime Bookmans Phoenix staff member and all around great dude. He has been sharing his visual art with the Downtown Phoenix art scene for the last decade and always makes a point to include Bookmans Phoenix in his rounds. Joe presents live painting sessions and donates artwork for Bookmans pop-culture events. He will be joining us for our upcoming Controllers & Canvas event featuring the awesome Phoenix Gaymers. Extending love of painting, Pokemon and vintage video games to our local community, Joe is one of a kind. We are delighted for the opportunity to work with him!


20 Apr

Bookmans Mesa Sale | Top 5 Items To Buy

You read that title correct my friends. In honor of Earth Day, Bookmans Mesa is having a sale! At Bookmans we are all about being good for your pocket and good for the planet which is why we are offering 25% off the entire Bookmans Mesa store – books, DVDs, CDs, video games, housewares, vinyl and more! Everything will be discounted on top of our already low prices. Join us this Saturday April 22nd from 9am to 10pm.


So what to buy at Bookmans Mesa this weekend, you know, besides everything you can possibly get your hands on? We have a few suggestions (five in fact) to help you get the most at the Bookmans Mesa 25% off sale.

10 Apr

Coloring Grows Up – Join Our Adult Color Club

Coloring has grown up, and become quite sophisticated. One of the newest trends in relaxation and creativity is adult coloring. When the trend first began, Bookmans was bombarded with requests for adult coloring books and we responded quickly!


05 Apr

Bookmans Recommends: Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb is the 4th film in Stanley Kubrick’s directorial career.  Originally released in 1964, Dr. Strangelove is a story detailing the unfolding of a nuclear crisis during the heart of the cold war.  The film was a box office success initially, and has since received critical acclaim.  It is lauded as one of the best comedy films of all time, and is, to this day, Kubrick’s highest rated film on Rotten Tomatoes.  Let’s dive in to Dr. Strangelove!


01 Apr

Green Hearts This April At Bookmans

It is no secret that Bookmans has mad love for planet earth. Recycling is in our blood and our business model. Every April we celebrate this big blue marble with events that highlight the environment. Join us for  educational workshops on climate change and kids activities where you can bring out your inner Lorax and speak for the trees. From the picturesque Sonoran Desert to the tall pines of Northern Arizona, our Bookmans locations have earth-friendly events to help you show some love to Mother Earth. Take a peek at our events calendar to see what we mean.

31 Mar

For the Love of Bookbinding

March is craft month at Bookmans and what better way to close out the month and celebrate crafts than to make your own books! Bookbinding is one of the longest running forms of human craft making, dating as far back as the 5th century with many cultures developing their own methods of binding pages together into a single tome. Modern bookbinding as a craft is much more accessible today and easier to learn than most people realize. There are a slew of tutorials online to learn basic skills and many retailers that sell the materials you need to bind your own books. Have you ever dreamed of having the perfect writing journal? Maybe you want a pocket watercolor journal? Why not make your own from scratch?!


30 Mar

Cleverly Crafting: The Best of Bookmans Craft Books

Bookmans celebrates Arts & Crafts all year long, but we highlight it in the glorious month of March! With just a couple days left we wanted to highlight the best of our craft books for you to get your hands on this Spring.

Tucson is full of artists and crafters and you better believe they make Bookmans their number one stop when looking for inspiration! If it’s not in our “Art Room” where we have books on sculpting, quilting, claying (that’s a thing, right?) and many other crafty ideas, then it’s in the art we have hanging in our stores, or the amazing little trinkets that can be re-purposed for all sorts of creative endeavors. There’s never a dull spot in a Bookmans; inspiration flows through our orange shelves like the wind in the willows!


30 Mar

Bookmans Midtown Housewarming Party

Have you heard the news? Bookmans Grant has moved and is now Bookmans Midtown. Located at 3330 E. Speedway Blvd, just east of Country Club in Tucson, our new Midtown store is open with all the Bookmans bells and whistles, including great deals on new and used books, movies, games, instruments and more!


27 Mar

Art 4 All; Art History Unpacked | Bookmans

Not everyone can be an art historian, critic or theorist, even if you actually studied art history. The Fine Arts field is a highly dynamic and ever changing arena. There is always something new to explore, always something new to learn. Art history is much broader than the Renaissance where even the most learned scholars who have devoted their entire lives and careers to it’s study are daunted. From there is can be argued that art is essential, innate to the human experience. The creation and appreciation of art can be traced back to man’s earliest history. There is a fundamental quality about artistic endeavors. Humans are compelled to pursue creativity. Art, of course, is a somewhat over-broad term that encompasses the entirety of all human creations. We could include non homosapiens in our discussion, as in painting elephants. We will, however, stick to people and people creating fine art.


24 Mar

Discovering 锦绣未央, “The Princess Weiyoung” | Bookmans

On my vacation recently, I forgot to stock up on new Manga. I was in desperate need of a new book, movie or TV series to binge. I have a great love of period dramas of all types, but it had been a while since I had found one that really captured my imagination. In researching this years Chinese New Year, I came across a random post of gorgeous historical Chinese costumes on Tumblr, I was then turned on to the Chinese drama Princess Weiyoung. It is inspired from the novel The Poisonous Daughter (庶女有毒) by Qin Jian.

The story of Princess Weiyoung begins with the Princess of Northern Liang escaping death as her entire family is slaughtered by the Chiyun clan of Northern Wei, her father having been framed for rebelling against the Emperor. She takes on the persona of Li Weiyoung, the estranged illegitimate daughter of the Prime Minister of Northern Wei, in order to infiltrate their clan and take vengeance upon those responsible for the death of her family.

Princess Weiyoung

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