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16 Aug

Musical Notes | Car Karaoke

One of Bookmans’ core values is environmental awareness. A great way to take a step toward reducing your carbon footprint is to carpool. An environmentally better way is in a hybrid. A more entertaining way, and quite possibly the best way, is to have a car karaoke party! The idea ‘dance like no one is watching’ is an essential philosophy when doing this, seeing that most of us do not have tinted windows on our vehicles. Now that I think about it, I have seen some pretty great dance moves when people are rocking out. Regardless, someone else is bound to hear you belting it out if you’re sitting in traffic, so you might as well give it your all. Toss your worries aside and embrace the morning commute by singing your heart out! Every moment waiting in your car just became a moment to shine and party down. I’ve even recruited other drivers to join me in reinacting the Bohemian Rhapsody scene from Wayne’s World – complete with full air guitar with my windows rolled down! The driver next to me even used his dashboard like a drum kit. Had it been a contest, we totally would have won! Some carpoolers even bring instruments including drum sticks for air solos. Today, we are counting down our picks for best carpool karaoke musical instruments.

11 Aug

Bookmans Recommends | The Guild 10th Anniversary

By C’loni Bailey, Assistant Manager at Bookmans Mesa

Summer of 2017 marks the ten-year anniversary of the The Guild web series. It’s hard to believe that a decade has passed since I was first introduced to the adorable awkwardness of Codex and her wonderful gang of unruly weirdos. For the uninitiated, The Guild is a comedy web series created by geek goddess Felicia Day. The series follows a group of MMO gamers in an online guild called “The Knights of Good” as they try to awkwardly navigate real life with little understanding about how to manage relationships outside of the virtual world of The Game. The series stars Felicia Day as “Codex”, aka Cyd Sherman, an unemployed violinist who spends 8-9 hours a day playing The Game with her guildmates, whom she has never actually met in real life. The other members of the guild include Zaboo the love interest of Codex (sort of), Vork the neurotic guild leader, Clara the alarmingly neglectful mother of three, Tinkerballa the ascerbic ranger, and Bladezz the vulgar teenager. The Guild aired for six seasons and featured a slew of geeky guest stars like Wil Wheaton, Nathan Fillion, Erin Gray, Zachary Levi, Doug Jones, Neil Gaiman and even features a cameo by Stan Lee.

09 Aug

Geeking Out Over Obscure Holidays

Did you know that today is National Book Lovers’ Day? Indeed it is! There’s a whole host of odd, unconventional and obscure holidays out there. In fact, there is probably a bizarre holiday for every day of the year. In honor of National Book Lovers’ Day, we are recognizing all the crazy, fun and off-the-wall holidays that coincide with quirky Bookmans products. Bookmans is a store full of adventure, knowledge and merchandise. We have some pretty peculiar and very interesting things come through our doors. Our shelves hold a well-curated selection of popular merchandise mixed with cool, one-of-kind items. The other day, I heard a customer ask a co-worker if we had any books about ferret behavior issues. As it turns out, we did. This led me to wonder if there’s a holiday for ferrets. Low and behold, April 22nd is National Ferret Day. So, get your party hats out, you’ll want to celebrate some of these far out holidays!

02 Aug

Bookmans Summer Sale | BOGO Mystery and Romance

Bookmans stores across Arizona will be hosting a Summer BOGO Sale this weekend, August 4th and 5th! Stock up on everything you need to escape the heat this summer and be entertained…indoors! Head to Bookmans stores for this sweet Summer Sale as we offer a buy-one-get-one deal on all mystery and romance novels. This promotion cannot be combined with other offers or discounts and is limited to one per customer. In honor of this amazing sale, we once again offer up a few suggestions for must-have mysteries and lusty literature. So sit back and relax as we provide some genre fiction sure to be added to your TBR pile.

01 Aug

Catch Movie Madness at Bookmans!

Lights, camera, action! August is Movie Madness Month at Bookmans and we’re celebrating cinema with fun events and giveaways. Stop by every location for movie-themed activities inspired by the silver screen. From Movie Nights to Minions to Grease Sing-a-Longs, we’re pulling out all the stops. Be sure to peruse the orange shelves at your local Bookmans for great deals on DVDs and BluRays in addition to fun and free events. Movie Madness is going around and we have a feeling that you’re going to catch it. Get ready for your close up and have a blast with us at Bookmans this August!

25 Jul

Behind the Trade Counter | Meet Gus!

If you have visited Bookmans Mesa recently, you have probably noticed some changes. What kind of changes? I’ll give you a hint. Someone new is responsible for providing even more rad products, even more great customer service and even more fun than ever. How is this possible, you might ask. To find out, let’s go behind the trade counter with Gus, our new assistant manager! Driven by his love of video games and musical instruments, Gus comes from the helm of our Electronics Department and is doing a bang-up job right out of the gate. His vision is clear, “To offer the best consumer electronics, books, musical instruments, and entertainment needs at the best prices available.” He loves talking to customers and hearing their Bookmans stories.

24 Jul

Find Your #ThirdPlace at Bookmans

Arizona is known for its beautiful landscapes, open space, entertaining cities and, of course, radical weather. Flagstaff during monsoon season can be a conundrum. One minute it’s 80 degrees, the next minute it’s kinda snowing. No seriously, that really happens. Flagstaff also has a winter season that frequently sends residents south to Phoenix and Tucson. Conversely, the weather in Central and Southern Arizona is quite dreamy during the winter but excruciatingly hot in the summertime. Between all of us, we take every opportunity to summer or snowbird within this awesome space that is Arizona. If you can’t get away, I offer this advice for escaping the elements – come hang out with us at Bookmans! What better way to seek relief from the heat or stay out of the rain than to spend time at your local Bookmans Entertainment Exchange. No matter what’s going on outside, Bookmans is the perfect third place – not work or home, but an excellent space to hang. Weather (pun intended) it’s a gallery full of treasure hunting delights, an epic LP search or a cozy reading chair for story time, each of our stores has its own something special to share with you. We’ve even compiled a list for your perusal. Check it out!

19 Jul

Bookmans Summer Sale | BOGO Board Games and Puzzles

Bookmans stores across Arizona will be hosting a Summer Sale this weekend, July 22nd and 23rd! Stock up on everything you need to escape the heat this summer and be entertained…indoors! Head to Bookmans stores for this sweet Summer Sale as we offer a buy-one-get-one deal on all board games and puzzles. This promotion cannot be combined with other offers or discounts and is limited to one per customer. In honor of this amazing sale, we would like to offer up our suggestions for a few family game night staples you could pick up at the Bookmans Summer Sale. The games and puzzles are sure to bring the laughs at family game night. So sit back and relax as we provide some tabletop suggestions sure to combat any restlessness during these hot summer months.

18 Jul

Bookmans Recommends | Our Favorite Video Game Movies

By C’loni Bailey, Assistant Manager at Bookmans Mesa

Video games are extremely difficult to translate into film. After all, how do you transfer something that is designed to be played by an active audience into something that is purely meant to be viewed? How do you handle a story that is designed to be shaped by the decisions of the player? As a result, video game movies are notoriously bad. But just because a movie isn’t great doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. If you’re anything like us, you can get plenty of enjoyment out of some pretty terrible video game movies. The following is a list of some of our favorites.

17 Jul

Bookmans Recommends | Mad Men

Mad Men, a television drama that originally aired on AMC, had a life of seven seasons.  The first four seasons of the show each won that year’s Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series. This is a feat that only three other shows (Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, and West Wing) have been able to accomplish since the Emmys’ conception in 1949.  The show also holds the record for most Emmy nominations without a win, sitting at 17. Needless to say, this show is hype. A period drama beginning in 1960, the show follows protagonist (anti-hero?) Donald Draper as he wheels and deals in the world of Madison Avenue advertising in Manhattan. In episode one, “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,” we learn a lot about the character Don Draper. It’s made apparent that he’s got his back against the wall going into a meeting with his agency’s largest client, the non-fictional R. J. Reynolds Tobacco company, owner of the Lucky Strike brand of cigarettes.  The audience knows he’s got nothing to present, but when called on in the meeting, he stands up and somehow manages to give one of the greatest pitches in sales history on the fly.  You see, Don works best under pressure.

12 Jul

Bookmans Summer Sale! BOGO DVDs

Bookmans stores across Arizona will be hosting a Summer Sale this weekend, July 15th and 16th! Stock up on everything you need to escape the heat this summer and be entertained…indoors! Head to Bookmans stores for this sweet Summer Sale as we offer a buy-one-get-one deal on all DVDs priced at $8.00 or less. This promotion cannot be combined with other offers or discounts and is limited to one per customer. In honor of this amazing sale, we would like to offer up our suggestions for a few double features you could pick up at the Bookmans Summer Sale. These are films that we love and think you could too! So sit back and relax as we provide some cinematic options sure to combat any restlessness during these hot Summer months.

07 Jul

#AwesomeAlert | Tucson Community Partners!

It’s no secret that Bookmans LOVES animals. We can’t help but get excited when a customer brings their lovable four-legged friend into one of our stores. From dogs to cats to lizards and birds, PETS ROCK! That’s why we allow friendly pets on a leash to hang at our stores and we dedicate the entire month of July to celebrating our K9 companions. We invite local pet adoption organizations and community partners to our stores for an array of free events geared towards a healthy and happy fido. We’d love to take some time and introduce just a couple of the awesome community groups and organizations doing great work right here in Tucson. So without further ado, here are some of Bookmans animal welfare besties.

06 Jul

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Once upon a time, 20 years ago to be exact, a book was released into stores that would change the world of fiction as we know it. Readers’ patience would be challenged like never before. Obsessions would be ignited over the book release dates, who might die next, who would fall in love, and what cape should be worn to book club. Best friendships would dissolve in arguments over which quidditch team was better. Relationships would be tested when one party failed to understand the importance of reading the series multiple times in between viewings of the films in theaters. No, I am not talking about a daytime soap opera or telenovela. I’m describing the phenomenon we now know as Harry Potter. 

01 Jul

Dog Days of Summer | July At Bookmans

At Bookmans, customers are always welcome to bring their pets inside our stores (on a leash) and employees’ dogs can often be found roaming our corporate offices. We advocate for supporting local rescue organizations and volunteering for Arizona shelters. As a company of animal lovers, we celebrate Animal Welfare all year long. But each July, those lovable four-legged, feathery, scaly and fuzzy friends take center stage. This month, help us celebrate our favorite pets, whatever species they may be. We’re bringing the best and brightest local animal rescue organizations together to emphasize our commitment to critters of all shapes and sizes. Stop by your neighborhood Bookmans throughout July to check out local animal welfare groups and meet adoptable creatures great and small. Take a look at our Event Schedule for details on what’s happening near you!

30 Jun

Book or Movie | Which do you prefer? (Part 1)

Some of the best movie ideas come from books. Movie adaptations have been a staple for Hollywood from the start. How many times did you watch To Kill A Mockingbird in high school? Being book and movie lovers, the Bookmans staff has many opinions on which is better, the book or movie. So what is the answer? Well, it depends on which book to movie adaptation you are discussing and who you ask. This is, like all artistic criticism, a highly personal viewpoint. It often comes down to which you experienced first, the book or the movie, or which you are more loyal to. Let’s dive in to a few examples.

book or movie

29 Jun

Do You Have Bibliophelia Southwestus?

When traveling and adventuring to new places, I always subconsciously bring a reminder of home with me. Always, it is in the form of a favorite book that has been read at least a dozen times and almost always it is by a regional author. I’m sure there is some deep, psychological term for this habit (especially because the books always seem to have a Southwestern flavor to them), but for now I will call it Bibliophelia-Southwestus. I’m pretty sure there is no cure and until there is one, here are a few selections I read while I am on an adventure. You can find most of these titles at your friendly neighborhood Bookmans!


26 Jun

Tarot Cards | Tarot Throughout Time

For all of recorded history, mankind has longed to lift the veil of the unknown. Humans have an innate desire to explore both inner and outer realms and realities. We also long to know the future, to be able to have some warning or insight as to what is headed our way, both in our personal lives and on the global stage. What awaits humanity, society or the future of our very planet? Mankind has developed, or uncovered, many methods by which this exploration can take place. History tells us of ancient shamans, wizards, goddesses and oracles who probe the mysteries of existence with runes, fortune sticks, tea leaves, palmistry and crystal balls. Here at Bookmans we are not immune to the charms of crystals, pendulums or talismans but we prefer to leave the rabbit’s feet to another era. Let the bunnies keep their feet. Luckily folks have many other alternative methods by which to explore their realities. One such method is the ancient practice of reading Tarot Cards.

tarot cards

23 Jun

Uke “U” | Bookmans Ukulele University

June is Music month here at Bookmans because, well, we like music. A significant number of our employees, both past and present, are musicians. Our Bookmans Peeps play professionally, are in bands, teach music and take the craft seriously. Music is another key part of the Bookmans identity so we thought it would be perfect to host some ukulele workshops. Why go to Ukulele University? Lets have a look at the basics of this charming little instrument and find out what makes it so popular!


20 Jun

June’s Tunes | Top 5 TV Theme Songs

You know them by heart. You clap along when appropriate. They are the sounding bell for many TV binge sessions. Of course, we are talking about those completely recognizable TV theme songs. From the classics like “Come and Knock On My Door” from Three’s Company to more recent ones like Malvina Reynolds “Little Boxes” on Weeds, these short, catchy and on-point songs help sell the show and set the mood. So sit back, pop some corn and chill as we count down our Top 5 TV Theme Songs courtesy of Bookmans Midtown.

Tv Theme Songs

15 Jun

Six Degrees of Binge Watching Movies

Once a month, for movie night, my friends and I like to play a game called “Six Degrees…” An example is “Six Degrees of Marilyn Monroe” or “Six Degrees of Mel Brooks.” The way it works is we choose a movie star and everyone brings a DVD to watch (the cast must include that actor). For the best results, we try to bring some “B” movies or indie films for binge watching. It’s always fun to see how they started out!

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