It is not uncommon for people new to Bookmans to have a “wow” experience when they come through the door. Who wouldn’t with all the incredible items the local community stocks our stores with? Way more than shelves jam-packed with books of all kinds, Bookmans trade includes vinyl records, musical instruments, movies, video games, home goods, collectibles, and gift items. Since you never know what you’re going to find, every visit is like a treasure hunt.

The only thing that makes scouring shelf after orange shelf all the more enjoyable is having a Bookmans trade slip in your pocket. What is it about that little yellow trade slip that makes shopping so much more exciting?  

books, Batman comic book, and Bookmans trade slip on wooden desktop

My theory is this: A Bookmans trade slip in your pocket is like having a free pass to indulge in your true passions. Whatever you see that catches your eye can be yours, whether it’s a rare edition of Moby Dick, a collectible variant cover of All-Star Batman, or a pair of earrings in the jewelry case. And all without opening your wallet. Magical, isn’t it?

Want some very good reasons to gather your sellable items and take them to Bookmans to get some of that sweet, sweet trade credit? Here are four excellent ones.

You’ll Win at Gifting

Getting those you love gifts for the special moments in their lives can be an expensive and challenging task. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? By trading in your used items, you can get yourself a trade slip, one that you can use to find the perfect gift for someone special. And you’re not alone in your search for the best gift ever – Bookmans employees are always on hand to recommend something great.

Still not sure if you can pick the ideal gift for someone else? Use your Bookmans trade credit to buy a Bookmans gift card! Then you know your loved ones can get exactly what they want every time.

What about the gifts you get? Unfortunately, it’s pretty rare that the someone gifts us just the right thing. Instead of being stuck with something you will never use, bring it to Bookmans and trade it in! When you trade in gifts that you don’t want for store credit, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store. Because yes, you can and should win at gifting for yourself too!

You’ll Clear Out the Clutter

Whether it’s books you’ve read and have no intention of reading again, video games you’ve beaten, or children’s toys that have been outgrown, there is likely something in your house that is just taking up space. Instead of cluttering a closet or a garage with items that you have no interest in, bring it to Bookmans.

Bookmans’ shelves are stocked by the local community, so why not make someone else’s day and get yourself a trade credit reward in return?

You’ll Actually Get Something Back on Textbooks

Textbooks are a necessary part of higher education, but finding a buyer for them when the semester is over can be an uphill battle. Take those textbooks to Bookmans! Bookmans wants your recent textbooks and we are happy to offer you trade credit for them. Not only will you get rid of the books you no longer need, but you’ll be able to turn that trade credit around immediately. From the hottest books that everyone is reading to musical instruments to journals, spending that Bookmans trade credit will feel like a win, especially after the school year.

You’ll Earn Some Green Cred

At the end of the day, throwing out something you don’t want simply because you don’t want it is wasteful. Instead of adding another item to the landfill, let Bookmans take it off your hands. Trade is at the heart of Bookmans, and finding a smart approach to recycling is one of our core values. Join us in making recycling your unwanted but still serviceable items and earn yourself some trade credit. You’ll also earn yourself some green credit too!

So there you have it – four very good reasons to make trading at Bookmans a regular part of your routine! All Bookmans stores across Arizona have bustling trade counters, so no matter where you live you can earn some trade credit.