The holidays are just around the bend, and you can see signs of it everywhere. As one of the most heartfelt times of the year, it is important to have a battalion of great cooking and baking ideas ready for those last-minute party invitations. Luckily, Bookmans is here to save the day with our gigantic array of cookbooks! Here are five cookbooks to cook your way through this holiday season.

Greene on Green by Bert Greene

“Greens green and nothing but green! Parsley, peppers, cabbages, and celery. Asparagus and watercress and fiddle fern and lettuce.” -The Witch from Into the Woods

If you couldn’t tell already, this healthy cookbook has everything to do with vegetables! Looking for healthy side dishes or delicious ways play with avocados? Leaf through this outstanding book! You just can’t beet it!

The New Cook Book by Better Homes and Gardens

“A picture out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.” -Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors

Chances are you have heard of this all-American magazine, but did you know they also make cookbooks? Dive right into a large assortment of fancy recipes from soup and salad to barbecue! This all-purpose recipe book is just what you need for any special occasion. Better yet, there is even a section in the book on table setting and entertaining.

Roast It! by Good Housekeeping

“More than one hundred forty savory recipes for meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables.” – Good Housekeeping

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but it is so difficult to look at the cover of this cookbook and not have your mouth water. Good Housekeeping does it again with this easy-to-use recipe book. Get creative with recipes like roast duck with cherry-port sauce.

Tyler’s Ultimate Brilliant Simple Food to Make Anytime by Tyler Florence

“It doesn’t take money to have style, it just takes a really good eye. Sometimes you can find amazing culinary antiques that will make it feel like an old French kitchen.” – Tyler Florence

Making dishes from this popular cookbook is so simple, you will have extra time to put towards the presentation of the meal and even more time to put those feet up and relax before company arrives. Get artsy with fine dining star Tyler Florence from the Food Network!

Cookies by Martha Stewart

“I love dessert. I can’t be guilty about it because I have to taste everything. I experiment.” – Martha Stewart

Let’s face it, a huge part of any holiday feast is the dessert. Cookies especially are known for being one of the most popular, and Martha Stewart surely knows how to bake them! Choose from hundreds of delicious cookie recipes in this sugary masterpiece.

If the holidays have taught us anything it’s that nothing brings people together like a good meal. Any of these books will get you through holiday after holiday, meal after meal, and at the top of everyone’s potluck invite list. Dig in!