Good morrow, all! The 31st Annual Arizona Renaissance Festival and Marketplace is bringing us back to a world of artisans, feasting, and entertainment. That means you have eight incredible weeks to experience the magic and majesty of the medieval and Renaissance eras right in your own backyard. Ready to travel back in time, Arizona?

Off we go to the Renaissance Festival, fellow travelers!

Before you sew your exquisite costume and finish detailing your homemade bow and arrows, you have to get your tickets. Thankfully, getting tickets at a discount is easier than ever in 2019. Why? Because Bookmans is an official coupon partner of the AZ Ren Fest. That means you can grab your discount flyers for the festival at local Bookmans stores throughout Arizona! These coupons are good for a child’s free entry (ages 5-12)  with the purchase of an adult ticket!

The 31st Annual Renaissance Festival and Marketplace is a wonderland of activities for all ages. Throughout the run of the festival, patrons will be treated to endless entertainment across fourteen stages. That’s not even mentioning the 2,000 costumed characters ready to engage with all visiting folk. That means that you’ll encounter dancers, music, artisans at work, incredible foods, comedy, circus performances, and even jousting on horseback. And we haven’t even mentioned the rides!

If you’re wondering which weekend best suits your fancy, the AZ Ren Fest has themed weekends highlighting everyone’s favorite elements of faire-going. If fairies and magic are your jam, you won’t want to miss the Fairytale Fynery & Fantasy weekend in March. Is the pirate life for you? On March 2nd and 3rd, pirates will be invading the festival to wreak havoc and drink up all the ale. Want to show off your Game of Thrones-inspired costume like the royalty you are? There’s a Monday Monarch Fiesta waiting for you – and so much more.

Whether you want to be a time traveler visiting the distant past or just want to take in some historic culture and epic fantasy fun, the Arizona Renaissance Festival is calling your name. And you don’t have to worry about missing any of the action either. The AZ Ren Fest goes across eight weekends from February 9th through March 31st and they’re even open on Presidents Day Monday. Also, children under 5 are always free!

Did we mention the real, live mermaids? Yes, they’ll be there too! We can’t wait, and we’re sure you can’t either. Head on over to your local Bookmans and grab your coupons for the most incredible adventure of the year. We’ll see you there, Arizona!