It amazes me how some employees at Bookmans are a walking repository of music knowledge. They can answer just about any question thrown at them. I for one, do not have that gift and would probably be awful at rock and roll trivia. However, folk music is the one genre that plays with my heartstrings. I was raised on classic folk artists like James Taylor, Paul Simon, Emmylou Harris, and Cat Stevens. I love those older musicians, but these days I have been listening to lots more contemporary artists. I’m stoked to share with you some of my favorite albums right now!

Jared and the Mill Western Expansion album cover

Jared & the Mill’s Western Expansion
Starting off this list is one of my all-time favorite bands. Jared and his gang of rag-tag misfits have the type of sound that is perfect for all occasions, including love songs, party songs, and plenty of feel-good songs. Western Expansion is their first album from back in 2013. Since then, their sound has changed quite a bit. I would consider them more folk-rock now. Did I mention that they are from Phoenix, Arizona and frequently play around good ol’ Az? Give them a listen! Their next concert is at the Apache Lake Music Festival in Phoenix.

Bear's Den So That You Might Hear Me album cover, folk music

Bear’s Den’s So That You Might Hear Me
Sometimes I need a break from fast melodies and rockin’ tunes, and typically I will turn to Bear’s Den. Their sound is ethereal with lyrics that are pure gold. The first time I heard their newest album So That You Might Hear Me I cried three or four times. You know that feeling when you hear a song that you adore and your heart kind of swells? That’s exactly what happens when I listen to their folk music.

The Lumineers III album cover

The Lumineer’s III
I am sure you have heard songs by The Lumineers before. With songs like Ophelia and Ho Hey, The Lumineers are one of the leading artists in the folk music community. Guys: they just came out with a new album. Get ready for a roller coaster of feelings because III is beautiful. A lot of folk music bands move towards the genre of folk-rock because that’s what is popular these days and there is nothing wrong with that, but The Lumineers have always stayed true to their folk roots. That is why I love them so much.

Little Chief Running Wild album cover, folk music

Little Chief’s Running Wild
The quickest way to my heart is with the deep, sweet sounds of a cello, and this is why Little Chief makes this list. Little Chief has three albums out right now, and their newest album, released earlier this year, Running Wild blows the others out of the water. Little Chief is the perfect band for long road trips with friends because it has a great mixture of soft and slow and stomping and clapping. My favorite song on Running Wild is Wildfire.

The East Pointers What We Leave Behind album cover

The East Pointer’s What We Leave Behind
The East Pointers is definitely on my list of top ten favorite folk bands. Before we talk about the band, can we just call attention to their album art? I love the simplicity of it, but when you take into account the title of the album, there is so much more depth to the meaning behind the picture. Their album What We Leave Behind is incredible. One thing I’ve always appreciated about The East Pointers is their instrument tracks in each album. They can shred on the banjo. Their next album Yours to Break will be released in October of this year.

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