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04 Feb

Go On a Blind Date with a Book

Hello lovers of literature wherever you are. We celebrate our shared love of reading every February. From the non-fic addict to the sci-fi fiend to the contemporary romancer in all of us, if you consume words like half-priced froyo then the second month of the calendar year is your time to shine. What better way to get your bookish booty shaking than by participating in a blind date or two–with a book. This month several Bookmans locations ask customers to take a chance on love with our Blind Date with A Book displays. Our Blind Date Books produce lovey dovey reading eyes galore. Don’t believe us? Just read these three totally true love stories that took place this week at our Blind Date with A Book display at Bookmans Flagstaff!

Go On a Blind Date with a Book

03 Feb

Astronomy, Astrology and Linda Goodman

Astronomy and astrology have obvious connections. They both concern the existence and movement of stars and planets outside of Earth. The most important difference between them is how and why people study them. Astronomy is hard science, although ancient. Astronomy connected with astrology until the late 16th century when Copernicus suggested that the Sun, not the Earth, lie at the center of the universe. Sir Issac Newton followed up with his demonstration in the late 1600s on how celestial bodies affect each other. These were not entirely new ideas and if you want a bit of astrological good fun, Linda Goodman is the place to start.

Astronomy, Astrology and Linda Goodman

01 Feb

Let’s Celebrate Our Love of Reading

Calling all literary cupids! We understand the late night inability to put that novel down, the struggle to find eyeglasses on a nightstand piled high with non-fiction gems and the classic dilemma of reading entire bookshelves and still jonesin’ for more. If these profiles sound familiar, you’re in luck! Each February, Bookmans celebrates Love of Reading with book-centric events and activities for the well read. From outer-space library festivals to Dr. Seuss parties to Blind Dates with Books, our event calendar is packed to stoke your literary passions. Love of reading is always in the air at Bookmans! Let your imagination run wild and revel in the magic of reading.

Let's Celebrate Our Love of Reading

01 Feb

Sensational Seussabrations Set Seuss On the Leuss

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.–Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

As part of our Love of Reading celebration, Bookmans locations across Arizona host parties, or Seussabrations to be exact, to commemorate lyrical wordsmith Theodore Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss. Come have a blast with fun activities, story times and art projects as we set Seuss on the leuss. In joy and mirth we shall immerse as we honor this master of meter and verse!

Sensational Seussabrations at Every Bookmans

20 Jan

Bookmans Recommends: Five Bookish Podcasts and One More

You’d think that we get enough book chat over our trade counter, but we can talk books 24 hours a day. Sometimes, when we have no one to talk about books with, we have to make due with the next best thing–bookish podcasts. All the usual suspects like National Public Radio and The New York Times have podcasts that provide interesting and timely news about the publishing world. For those of us who look less mainstream but still want good fishing, our web editor/social media manager recommends these bookish podcasts.


18 Jan

Most Anticipated Everything of 2016

Plans and projections for 2016 are filled to the brim with movies, music, video games and books we can’t wait to get our hands on. From the Zoolander sequel to Assassins Creed, from the LCD Soundsystem reunion to Legend of Zelda for the Wii U, we are stoked for all the new year has to offer. We spoke with a few of our music, electronics and book buyers to learn about the Bookmans team’s most anticipated everything of 2016. These are our top picks for future faves in 2016.

Most Anticipated Everything of 2016

07 Jan

Kids Books Say the Darnedest Things

By Dani, Event Liaison at Bookmans Speedway

All kinds of unusual items arrive on the trade counter at Bookmans and some of them are kids books. During the book selection process for Bookmans Speedway’s weekly Story Time – Music Hour, I come across many a title that gives me pause. Most of these books are well intended and some of them are written for a different social context than we offer at story time. Additionally, vintage titles can be especially entertaining as they either make me laugh or cringe when viewed with my modern lens. Other books are beyond explanation and many begin with a title or cover illustration that makes me wonder what the creators of the books are thinking. These books are not intrinsically bad, I just wouldn’t read them to your children at story time. Today I present kids books that say the darnedest things.

Kids Books Say the Darnedest Things

06 Jan

Book Review: Mark Twain’s Guide to Diet, Exercise, Beauty, Fashion, Investment, Romance, Health and Happiness

by Taylor Birkey

Guest reviewer Taylor Birkey takes a look at one of today’s most popular subjects–Guy Guides. These are titles aimed, presumably, at making men more manly. We really shouldn’t judge. Any bookstore offers countless titles aimed at women, purportedly to help them be more womanly. Taylor’s light-hearted review of Mark Dawidziak’s Mark Twain’s Guide to Diet, Exercise, Beauty, Fashion, Investment, Romance, Health and Happiness arose innocently enough from the search for mustache trimming tips before falling into the land of self help.

Book Review: Mark Twain's Guide to Diet, Exercise, Beauty, Fashion, Investment, Romance, Health and Happiness by Mark Dawidziak

04 Jan

Regina’s Best Books of 2015

Bookmans Flagstaff Visual Merchandiser and mega reader, Regina Salmons, shares her fave fiction works of 2015. As a used bookstore, we specialize in what’s “New to You” (or us). Some of these books are not recently published but they still make Regina’s list of Best Books of 2015.

Regina's Best Books of 2015

30 Dec

Bookmans Recommends: Hamilton

By C’loni Bailey, Assistant Manager at Bookmans Mesa

It sounds like a ridiculous concept: a hip-hop musical about the life of American Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton (you know, the guy on the $10 bill), performed by an almost entirely non-White cast. Nevertheless Hamilton: An American Musical is one of the most brilliant musicals of recent years and it has taken Broadway by storm.

28 Dec

Bookmans Grant’s Most Requested Fiction of 2015

Our mystery heroes like Patterson, Evanovich, Grisham and Baldacci impressed us with their 2015 titles. Anthony Doerr with All the Light We Cannot See and Nicholas Sparks with See Me crushed it. Young adult fiction continued to bring out of this world reading to the masses. Six fiction titles stood out at Bookmans Grant with the most customer requests. Not only did you want to read these six books, we read them ourselves. When a crew of readers immerse themselves in the same book, writers, editors and publishers did something right. We encourage you to pick up one of these titles from Bookmans Grant’s Most Requested Fiction of 2015 list.

Bookmans Grant's Most Requested Fiction of 2015

21 Dec

Bookmans Recommends: Vintage Science Fiction

Everyone should experience an out of this world read at least once in their lifetime. Bookmans looks to a past that looked toward the future for the brain bending fun of it. Classic and vintage science fiction offers an entertaining look into the way the future looked from the past. As a bonus these books have amazing cover art. If judging a book by its cover is wrong, in this case we don’t wanna be right. Some of the best cover artwork ever done was for the 1960s and ’70s science fiction genre. The stories are pretty good too. If you are tired of looking for that next fantastical read, search no more. Bookmans has an eclectic mix of vintage science fiction.

Bookmans Recommends: Vintage Science Fiction

15 Dec

Bookmans Recommends: 8 Tales of the Apocalypse

Doomsday Fever has us in its grip. With shows like The Walking Dead and Doomsday Preppers, each with five or more seasons, we can’t get enough. How many times have you overheard friends strategizing about how to survive the zombie apocalypse? Underground bunkers are marketed towards “surviving the end of times!” The new Marvel X-Men movie is titled Apocalypse. Apocalypse is everywhere! To enable the inner fanatic in all of us, we rounded up the best post-apocalyptic titles in fiction. Nothing puts our mundane office jobs into perspective than reading about lack of food and air so toxic it will burn your flesh! We can’t blame these authors from all ends of the literary spectrum for jumping on the bandwagon.

Bookmans Recommends: 8 Tales of the Apocalypse

14 Dec

Aleister’s Top 5 Board Books for 2015

As a used bookstore, Bookmans gets to throw away all notions of “new” in favor of “new to us” or just plain “good books”. This is the case for Aleister’s top five board books for 2015. Aleister just turned one, so pretty much everything is new. If you or someone you know has their own Aleister, listen up because this list is tight.

Aleister's Top 5 Board Books for 2015

09 Dec

Bookmans Recommends: The Poetry of Bill Shields

Written by Flavio, Bookmans Ina Customer Service Supervisor

I seek literature that burns a hole in the core of my soul to inspire my writing. Anything that gives me that shiver up my spine is worth a read. Through my journey into the world of literature, I’ve found few authors who drive me to write more. I relate the practice to a transcendental experience through the human soul. One author does this for me and his name is Bill Shields.

Bookmans Recommends: The Poetry of Bill Shields

03 Dec

Teen Fiction for the Young at Heart Reader

No task is more taxing than that of holiday shopping for bookish friends. If that book lover tends toward the John Green-loving, Ransom Riggs-reading, young-at-heart type reader who enjoys the latest in teen fiction, then you’ve got yourself a recipe for frustration. How do you keep up with what they’ve already read, what they want to read and whether or not they are “so over” vampires, wizards, zombies or boring protagonists with brown hair? Your friendly neighborhood used book retailer is here to save the day. With our top-notch choices for novels geared towards youthful audiences, you will satisfy any friends or family members whose Christmas list contains one word: books.

Teen Fiction for the Young at Heart Reader

25 Nov

Holiday Reading with Arizona Authors

By Guest Contributor Jonathan Danielson

Unlike California, Texas, Florida or even Iowa, our countrymen haven’t viewed the Grand Canyon State as synonymous with great literature and authors during our 100+ year history. That doesn’t mean there’s a dearth of literary talent that hasn’t, at one point or another, called Arizona home. I present this totally subjective and non-comprehensive reading list of works from authors who could have once been your next door neighbor and encourage you to pick up one of these titles for your holiday reading.

Arizona Authors

24 Nov

Bookmans Recommends: Louis L’Amour

Famous for his western novels, Louis Dearborn L’Amour wrote 105 novels and is one of America’s most beloved authors. L’Amour was born in Jamestown, North Dakota. As a result of financial difficulties, the L’Amours headed south in the winter of 1923. Over the next decade, L’Amour and his family took on many jobs as they traveled the American West. They skinned cattle in west Texas, baled hay in the Pecos Valley of New Mexico, worked in the mines of Arizona, California and Nevada, and in the saw mills and lumber camps of the Pacific Northwest. L’Amour met a variety of people in these colorful places, upon whom he modeled the characters in his novels. Many of these real life characters are Old West personalities who had survived into the 1920s and 30s.

Bookmans Recommends: Louis L'Amour

19 Nov

Bookmans Recommends: Orange Is the New Black by Piper Kerman

Whether you prefer the book or the streaming series, Orange Is the New Black has fans wrapped around its little finger. Due for a fourth season in 2016, the Netflix exclusive takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions as we experience prison from Piper Kerman’s point of view. We go behind bars as Kerman and her cell mates fall in and out of love, make new friends and lose old ones, and experience what it’s like to be an affiliate of crime. The book and show differ but each offers insight to Kerman’s trials and tribulations. Robert Fisher, our guy at Bookmans Grant, gives us his take on the non-fiction book.

Orange Is the New Black

26 Oct

Write a Novel in 30 Days with NaNoWriMo 2015

By C’loni Bailey, Assistant Manager at Bookmans Mesa

November is right around the corner and so is National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo (as it’s called) is an annual writing marathon started by Chris Baty in 1999 as a way to get himself, and about a hundred other participants, writing for fun. It has since bloomed into a worldwide event with over 400,000 participants. Join me as I participate in NaNoWriMo 2015 by writing a novel in 30 days.

Write a Novel in 30 Days with NaNoWriMo 2015

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