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16 Jul

Hoping Harper Lee Delivers in Go Set a Watchman

After a 40 year hiatus and with much controversy about legal ethics, Harper Lee blessed us with another novel. We look forward to hearing the charming voice of Scout Finch once more. Already making its way up the best seller chain, Go Set a Watchman picks up years later when Scout goes home to visit Atticus in his old age. While reviews indicate this new book portrays Atticus in a not so positive light, we’re stoked to see a copy come across our counter so WE can be the final judge.

Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman

09 Jul

Henri Recommends Books about Dogs for Humans

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never had a dog. Never was there ever a more faithful companion than that of a canine. Loving, loyal and able to give the best snuggles known to man, a dog is everyone’s best friend. Henri, short for Henrietta, an adorable border collie, is my best friend. Not only does Henri work the floor for Bookmans Flagstaff, she was adopted here. What better way to celebrate Animal Welfare month at Bookmans than to ask this Bookmans baby her fave books about dogs? Enjoy Henri’s book recommendations for humans.

Henri the dog

08 Jul

Explore the Latest In Science Nonfiction

Nothing in our wardrobe feels better than our smarty pants. Geeking out is as natural to us as breathing and it makes perfect “science” that our geekery would attract other geeks. Our nonfiction sections have become more popular than ever across every age group. One area in particular has seen an influx of interesting new titles and changing perspectives — science. More than ever, writers are exploring scientific ideas and theories. Toss out your 8th grade snooze-fest science texts because these titles are engaging and fresh, funny and thought provoking. They are also accessible, no Ph.D. required to read, understand or enjoy them. Select any subject on the scientific spectrum and there is a recent title to help you explore it. Let’s look at some of the latest science nonfiction.

Science Nonfiction

07 Jul

Animal Rescues and Tall Tails from Bookmans Speedway

July is Animal Welfare month for us and Bookmans Speedway ramped up their show of support for our furry, feathered and scaly faced friends. Each weekend Bookmans Speedway brings in animal rescues to heighten awareness about a variety of animal welfare issues. We have everything from Any Rat Rescue to Arizona Greyhound Rescue. Starting in August we welcome our newest rescue, Hermitage Cat Shelter. Read on to learn more about our animal rescue events and the tall tails we keep on our orange shelves.

Tall Tails

26 Jun

Science Fiction’s Historic Run

Science Fiction is a varied genre that has been around for longer than you might imagine. Its origin is a subject for debate with camps claiming that it started as early as 2150 BCE or between the 17th and 19th centuries. Some scholars claim science fiction formed in the ancient Mesopotamian epic of Gilgamesh. Ancient Indian poetry such as the Hindu epic Ramayana has science fiction elements as does the works of the ancient Greek playwright, Aristophanes. Regardless of where and when science fiction began, we are just glad it did.

science fiction

24 Jun

Bookmans Recommends: Preacher

With a pilot by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg for geek friendly AMC in development, now is the time to pick up a copy of DC’s Vertigo Comics Preacher. Created in 1996 by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Preacher tells the tale of small town Texas reverend Jesse Custer, who, after being possessed by the creature Genesis and killing his entire congregation, develops the ability to speak the Word of God. Using his ability to control someone merely by telling them what to do, Jesse goes on a road trip across the country to find God, who has abandoned his post in heaven. Jesse isn’t your typical man of the cloth. He’s got a colorful past and lives within a moral gray. Accompanied by his hired hand/ex-girlfriend, Tulip O’hare, and Cassidy, a century-old Irish vampire, Jesse is on a mission to track down the all powerful being who up and quit the moment Genesis was born.

Bookmans Recommends Preacher

29 May

Bookmans Recommends: Marvel’s Civil War

Last month I had writer’s block. Why was I plagued with this self-esteem destroying ailment? Because I couldn’t stop thinking about Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and making his debut in Captain America Civil War. It’s no secret that I am obsessed with Marvel. (See full blown fangirl rant.) Since the news broke that Sony and the untouchable Marvel Studios would join forces to bring the beloved web slinger to their cinematic universe and in so doing completely reboot the franchise, my eyes have been an ever flowing waterfall of tears. Instead of fighting my excitement by playing it cool or finding a distraction to last me until May 2016, I’m going to try my hardest to get it all out of my system by pestering you to read Marvel’s Civil War. I will have comrades to feel all the feels with me. So. Many. Feels.

Marvel's Civil War

27 May

Geeking Out for History

We take issue with a rumor going around. Word is that history is boring. The ways in which this is not only false but also insane are innumerable! People packed theaters for Titanic and Zero Dark Thirty — movies based on historic events. We find it impossible to believe that nothing that occurred over the historic record is of any interest to folks. Our standard argument is two-fold: 1) imagine how much more exciting that movie would be if you knew that these events are based in reality and 2) history is self preservation, ergo “Those who do not know history, are doomed to repeat it.” And so, let’s take a moment to geek out for crazy cool history titles. If we don’t mention one that spins your spurs, don’t worry. We have approximately 200,000 more to choose from.

History is not boring.

20 May

Time Travel Pop Culture at Bookmans Flag

We love things old and new. That’s why we buy, sell, trade things like vinyl and VHS tapes. We fill our shelves with items that can’t be found at your everyday department store. We geek out over limited edition. We swoon at the sight of the vintage and the hard to find. We reach maximum nostalgia levels when we spot something retro. That’s why we are so excited to launch our time travel displays for May. Bookmans Flagstaff takes you through time to admire the books, movies and music of yesteryear. Time travel pop culture with Bookmans. There are plenty of geek-worthy decades, but to keep this post from turning into a novel we highlight two of our favorites.

Time Travel Pop Culture

14 May

Magnificent Magazines

How many times have you been in a waiting room, only to find nothing to read but a 10-year-old copy of Golf Digest — and you aren’t a golfer?! Bookmans peeps can’t understand this when we have hundreds of super interesting magazines to read and enjoy, even if you aren’t in a waiting room. Magazines are under-rated and over looked these days. These quick reads are excellent sources for the most current, already condensed information available for student research. Unlike online magazines, they are better edited and allow for more relaxation. They have tested tutorials to help readers learn anything from a new craft to how to rig your sailboat (because we have so many boating opportunities). No matter what you are into, there is a magazine devoted to the subject. We probably have a copy that you can select using your trade credit.

Speedway magazines

08 May

What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Sell Textbooks

It’s May and the weather is beautiful. The sun shines and the birds chirp. Even better, school joyously screeches to a halt and will soon be a thing of last semester. But what to do about those cumbersome and pricey school books? You can sell textbooks at your local Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, of course! We caught up with real life college student*, Rhett J. Bookcestershire, IV, to answer a few of his questions about selling and trading with Bookmans. End of semester can be a confusing time, we know. We’ve been through it too. Rest assured, we’re here to guide you through the textbook trading experience.

sell textbooks

30 Apr

Trade Used Textbooks at Bookmans

Low is the life of a poor college student. Never having clean clothes because laundry is hard and, if you’re supposed to separate your darks from your lights, then by the old gods and the new, where do you put your gray Cardi Avengers sweater!? Most importantly, what do you do with all those backpack busting used textbooks you were forced to buy even though your professor never once referred to them?

We have no answers for your laundry quandary, but we do have a suggestion in the matter of your used textbooks. Bring them to Bookmans, yo! We take your used movies, music and instruments so why wouldn’t we consider your copy of Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers? Well, if it’s covered in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust, we might pass. Even so, a lot could be gained by bringing your textbooks to Bookmans, like these five cool things!

Used Textbooks
Too sexy for your textbooks like Robert here? Bring them by Bookmans for trade credit.

23 Apr

To Read or Not to Read Classic Literature

To read or not to read? Such unfairness exists in classic literature. Like Hamlet’s query, this one begs the knowledge of whether the pain of reading a classic is greater than the pain of never having read the classics. The summer prior to my freshman year at the UofA I received a required reading list and assigned myself the task of reading the classics. I reasoned that I had not read enough of them in high school and that it would be a good idea to be familiar with as many of them as possible. My reading continued well into the school year. I hit a low point when a friend asked me what I thought about my current selection, Moby Dick. I answered, “When does the bit about the fish end?” My pal changed the subject. I never finished the novel.

Classic Literature

17 Apr

Young Reader Favorites

The success of many Young Adult novels that have been adapted for film has brought more attention to books for kids and teens. Young reader favorites like Twilight, Hunger Games and Divergent bring kids, and their parents, into bookstores looking for the next great story. Each Bookmans has a fully stocked Children and Young Adult Department and extremely knowledgeable staff to help navigate it. Our inventory runs the full spectrum of ages and reading levels, with every genre for every taste.

young reader favorites

30 Mar

Banned Book Club: American Psycho

No book has caused more controversy since its publication than American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis. If you’ve seen the movie, your insides have surely coiled in revolt from Patrick Bateman’s violent and outlandish murders; and the book is only worse. So extreme were a few of the scenes in the book, they don’t even appear in the movie itself! Before the release date in 1991 employees of Simon and Schuster, the publishing company who backed the book, leaked a few of the more graphic passages to the press. They were immensely unhappy with Ellis and his novel. They didn’t want it to be published. The public outcry was so extreme the publishing company ultimately backed out of the deal and the 250,000 advance they’d given Ellis. This was their loss as Vintage, a sect of Random House publishing picked the book up and ran with it.

american psycho

23 Mar

We’ve Got Books and So Could You

Bookmans peeps are known to go gaga for a book or two, after all books are how we got our start. Before founder Bob Oldfather developed the stores to become the mother ship of all things entertainment, Bookmans Entertainment Exchange was just Bookmans, but with an apostrophe and an inventory exclusively made up of books. Books are our first love. Who can resist that slight vanilla smell of an old book? Seriously, have they started bottling that stuff yet? (Yes.) To this day, Bookmans dedicates the largest portion of our sales floor to books. All used. All affordable. And all smelling good and waiting for you to crack that spine for escape.


12 Mar

Audio Books Provide Welcome Distraction

“Let me tell you a story.” Humans have always been drawn to great tales. Since the days of gathering around the campfire to gathering around the family radio, story telling has been a favorite past-time. There is something intimate and endlessly enjoyable about listening to stories. In the golden days of radio, actors created spectacular performances with words and sound. The same is still true today with the world of audio books. Beware, it starts as a way to fill the morning commute, but the next thing you know, you find yourself sitting in your car in the driveway, unable to leave the story.

Audio Books

11 Mar

A Brief Steampunk Primer

Tucson recently held its annual Steampunk Convention and we are happy the genre has taken hold. Employees at Bookmans Speedway are especially big fans of steampunk. It folds nicely into all the things we hold dear, promote and geek out over. Steampunk ideals incorporate re-purposing, creativity, individualism, anti-censorship, fantasy, science fiction, film and books, books, books! Let’s have a look at how the steampunk pony rode into our one horse town in this brief steampunk primer.

Brief Steampunk Primer

10 Mar

Decoupage Comic Book Letters

Is your home boring? Does your office lack luster? Do you ever think, “I sure wish my life was like a comic book,” or “This day would be so much cooler if I was surrounded by onomatopoeia”? We have the news of the century for you (hyperbole, which is almost as fun as onomatopoeia)! To celebrate arts and crafts month we share one of our favorite craft projects in today’s blog post, Decoupage Comic Book Letters. With a few cheap supplies, you can easily add more pizazz to your life by decorating your walls with super heroes and villains.

Decoupage Comic Book

09 Mar

Mrs. Green’s World Makes Tucson Festival of Books Appearance

Your Mother Called (Mother Earth)… You’d Better Call Her Back! carries Gina Murphy-Darling’s passionate message of respect for Mother Earth. Mrs. Green’s World, including Murphy-Darling herself, joins Bookmans from 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 14 at the Tucson Festival of Books booth #328.

Mrs. Green's World

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