A Haunting Good Time in Phoenix

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Phoenix is hosted to a wide variety of happenings. We have several major sports teams, restaurants claiming they are the creator of the almighty chimichanga, and scorching summers. In contrast, did you know that Phoenix is also home to many spooky sites and infamous spectral sightings? Let’s begin our tale of spirited encounters and phantasmal parables of Phoenix! Come along… if you dare. 

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Finding Your Moment(s) of Zen

Much to our chagrin, the month of October is not all about Halloween, horror, and the macabre. October is also about looking inward toward one’s self and finding new ways to handle and express your feelings in a positive way. That’s right, October is National Emotional Wellness month! But how does one focus themselves on being emotionally well? We here at Bookmans want to encourage you in your journey toward enlightenment. Here are some of the way you can fill your emotional cup.

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Witchy Women We Love

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Witches. If you’re looking for an example of pure female badassery in literature, look no further than these powerfully wicked women. Witches are by far the coolest ladies in supernatural and fantasy novels.  Honestly, wish I was one. It’s no secret I’m a bit obsessed with these spell casting heroines, and there is no better time to let my crone flag fly than in October. After all, it’s kind of expected to get a little spooky and no one looks twice at my pointy black hat! So with that in mind, I put on my Stevie Nicks Bella Donna record and hunkered down to brew a list of my fave witchy women.

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Wanted: Flash Fiction Stories

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As there are many different types of readers in this world. There is an equal if not a greater number of diverse writers, from epic fantasy tale-tellers to succinct poets, to memoirist, and journalists. While each is putting pen to paper or typing words out on a computer screen, their use of language and technique varies immensely. Of all these different types of writers in the world, my personal favorite has always been the micro or flash fictionist. And I can’t wait to read yours.

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2018 Flash Fiction Contest Rules

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 Bookmans is releasing a zine and we want your flash fiction content! We see our stores as a reflection of the community and what better way to reflect our community than to hear from you!

Are you familiar with flash fiction? Flash fiction is a short form of literature that consists of 400 words or less. We want you to write about whatever inspires you. So we can to fill our zine with content from our amazing customers. Each of whom, just like our employees, has a wealth of knowledge on many topics as well as geekdom. Enter your flash fiction entry here. Please read the rules carefully before submitting your entry. Entries not complying with the rules may be disqualified.

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Ticket Tuesday: 2018 Oro Valley Music Festival!

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If you entered but didn’t win this Ticket Tuesday, you will have another chance to win tomorrow! Be sure to check our Facebook page on October 12!

It’s Ticket Tuesday and Bookmans has the inside track on the hottest festival in Southern Arizona! The Oro Valley Music Festival is this weekend, and we’ve got 3 pairs of tickets up for grabs. Read on to find out how you can win a pair!

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Cassette Tapes: The New Vinyl

You may have thought cassette tapes had died with the 90’s. We’re excited to say that they are back! The resurgence of vinyl has been steady for the past decade, but it isn’t the only media that has come back. In 2016, cassette tapes sales rose nearly 75 percent. And yes, cassette sales are still on the rise today. Here’s a taste of what led this seemingly obsolete music format to see a dramatic increase in popularity.

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Jimmy Santiago Baca’s Martín & Meditations on the South Valley

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When I picked up Jimmy Santiago Baca’s semi-autobiographical, two-volume “novel in verse” poetry collection Martín & Meditations on the South Valley, I knew little about the acclaimed poet’s backstory. I did not know, for example, that like his narrator, Martín, Baca was abandoned by his parents in early childhood, or that, unlike his narrator, Baca taught himself to read and write—and then to read and write poetry—in prison.


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Freebie Friday: Win Tickets to PoeFest 2018

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“I would define, in brief, the poetry of words as the rhythmical creation of Beauty.” – Edgar Allen Poe.

Ten years ago, The Arizona Curriculum Theater opened PoeFest with just six audience members. By the third night they were packed. Of course, they knew they had something special. PoeFest has been a labor of love for a decade now.  The month-long schedule of events kicks off on October 5th at the historic Hotel San Carlos. The event runs until Halloween night at the Rosson House Museum. One of the best elements happens on the main stage every Friday and Saturday at 8:00 PM. In the aptly-named Ghost Lounge, professional actors bring the stories of Edgar Allan Poe to life as characters from his fictional Maison de Santé asylum.

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How to Adopt a Shelter Dog in AZ

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October is National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. Did you know that approximately 6.5 million animals enter U.S. animal shelters every year? Did you also know that Arizona has the highest rate of euthanasia in the entire country? Bookmans encourage you to adopt instead of shop for your next family member. Here are some tips to find your dog in Arizona.

Homeless dog behind bars in an animal shelter

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Halloween Fun and Fall Frolics Are On the Way!

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Bookmans is so excited to share our jam-packed schedule of upcoming October events with you, Arizona! From Dungeons & Dragons to haunted Halloween fun to incredible Studio Nights, there is an event at Bookmans that is made just for you. It’s time to dive into the Frightful Fall fun with Bookmans!

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4 Ways to Fight Censorship All Year Round

Throughout the month of September, Bookmans fought the good fight against banned books and censorship! You might have participated in one of our Banned Book events or even bought one of those mysteriously wrapped books at our stores from our Blind Date with a Banned Book displays. Just because September comes to an end, our rebellion against censorship does not have to. Here are some ways to celebrate resisting censorship all year round.


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Freebie Friday: Win Tickets to OdySea Aquarium!

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It’s that time again! Don’t throw away those summer fun floaties and new swimsuits just yet – its time to get back in the water with this contest just waiting for YOU to win!

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5 Books & Authors To Help You Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month

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September 15th marked the beginning of Latinx Heritage Month or Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s time to celebrate, honor, and recognize the artistic and cultural achievements of Latinx Americans. It’s also an amazing opportunity to show some love for a few of my favorite Latinx authors, each of whom represents diverse cultures. If you’re ready to explore some Latinx authors, I highly recommend these reads.

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For the Love of Language

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Not a year goes by that you don’t daydream about taking off and seeing the world. Yes, you. You, me, and everyone else too. On our road to becoming the adventurers we would like to be, having a solid second or third language can make a world of difference. Even if you’re not keen on traveling, there are a whole lot of great reasons for everyone in the family to learn a second language.

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8 Monumental Moments from 1994

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Let me set the stage for this one. Coveralls, layers, and scrunchies are in style. So are flannel shirts, sunflowers, and silk pajamas. Those are just a few of the choice wardrobe selections from the early 90s. I recently saw Weezer again (for the millionth time since my teen years), and it caused some nostalgia for the pop-culture of my youth. For me, those feelings coalesce in 1994, the year I started high school.  Here are 8 great moments of 1994 that are cemented in history forever.

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Books to Pair with a Pumpkin Spice Latte

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Fall is finally here! The weather is cooling down, stores are filled with yellow, orange, red colors, and the famous pumpkin spice latte is available at most coffee shops. However, for book nerds like us, this isn’t enough! Autumn is one of the best times to snuggle up with a good book and a nice warm drink! Here is my list of the top five books that pair well with a pumpkin spice latte.

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3 October Releases We Can’t Wait To Read

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We know it’s only mid-September, yet the idea of cuddling inside with a good book as fall foliage blankets our town has got us scouring the bookish blogosphere and getting our TBR list ready. The fall season is reading season. All bibliophiles know this. And though there are still plenty of classics that still need reading, we can’t help but set aside current untouched titles collecting dust on our shelves for a new release or two… or seven. That’s why we’ve compiled an extensive list (three books) of titles we can’t wait to get our greedy little hands on!

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Fight Censorship: The Banning Of America’s Toys

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Though Bookmans talks a lot about censorship, the truth is that censorship can rear its head in many facets of life. Although this month we celebrate the right to read and encourage getting caught reading with a banned book, we want to open up the conversation to include all censored media. The goal is to help spread the word about just how far-reaching censorship is. It’s time to talk about toy censorship during our Fight Censorship Month!

Snacktime Cabbage Patch Kid doll eating a fake french fry

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Review: 2018’s Spider-Man for PS4

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With the recent release of Spider-Man by Insomniac Games, the Spider-Man hype is at an all-time high. There are so many great Spider-Man games, but let’s be honest – everyone has their personal favorite. Here’s the scoop on why Insomniac’s Spider-Man is my new fave. Believe the hype!

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