Category: Merchandise

A Day Behind the Trade Counter

When you work at Bookmans you face temptation every minute of the day. The seemingly endless supply of desirable items threatens our ability to purchase only what we can comfortably fit on our shelves. Consequently, we put on blinders when we work the trade counter….

Travel Tucson with Bookmans

Summer fast approaches and this means it’s time to plan your family summer fun. The hardest part is coming up with ideas that keep the whole family entertained and laughing while those hot rays beat down. Get your summer on with Bookmans. We’ve got everything…

Geek Out Groove

Join us as we get our geek on! We buy, sell and trade just about every game, movie, music, action figure, RPG, craft and collectable to help you refine your tastes and collections. We are super proud to hang out with our geeky customers, community,…

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